A New Year!

Monday, 31 December 2007

In about 15 minutes or so, local time, it'll be 2008. A brand new Year!

It is at this time of the year that we look back at what we have achieved and experienced, and plan for the new year.

So, Looking back at some of the important events of 2007:

1) During my summer holidays, I've had a few trips with my family. The most memorable would be the trip to the port in my dad's car; it's something very special to me. Time here has made me feel closer to my family
2) Experienced a lot of stress due to final year project and studies, and consequently, learned how to better manage stress
3) Had a placement with Technip, experienced different working conditions and many things
4) Realised the importance of focusing my almost non-existant concentration, the beginning is always the hardest, and never think about other things when doing work
5) Played Final Fantasy 8
6) Got to know 3 very good friends

Allright, I have to move on because there ain't no more time haha!

Things to look forward to in the new year:

1)Graduate from University of Sheffield, with first class
2)Get a job in the UK
3)Travel Europe
4)Learn about life, live my life responsibily

That's all, short and nice. I can already hear the fireworks going off ^^


And HELLO 2008!!!!

New Year!

Soon, it's gonna be a New Year in Malaysia.

Time flies really. This year, I somehow feel sad that 2007 is over. It's so fast, holidays over, exams coming, project dateline...

What have I achieved this year? I feel ashamed to look back to my past. I can only look forward, to make next year better than this!

Next year, at this time, I would be working somewhere already. I wonder what my life would be.

Right now, I feel like I am in the middle of a transition state. After feeling so stressed and kinda depressed not too long ago, now, I am slowly changing.

I have learnt not to think too much. Not to worry about the past too much. Concentrate on the moment now, and what I want to be in the distant future.
Think Positive! It's a New Year!

Nevermind the crap, I wish all of you readers a Happy New Year!
A new beginning! Hope!

p/s: There seems to be no plan for tonight. No reply from friends. Leftover Bah Kut teh for new year dinner....LOL

Christmas dinner

Saturday, 29 December 2007

Hello People!

I know this update is long overdue, but nvm. Basically we had a dinner to 'celebrate' christmas but I just wanna boast about my turkey wtf lol!

Anyway, enough of the lame shit. Well well we had the christmas dinner. That's it. With Barry's brother and Joshua. And ugh.. we talked lots of crap till 12 midnight. err.. sounds boring.

I've learned a lot of stuff cooking the turkey. Actually, most of the work came from preparing the gravy. Anyways, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so here you go, four thousand words!

The turkey broth made from gibblets(neck and internal organs T__T) and the juice from the cooked turkey
The Roux. It was supposed to be whitish and then turn dark and have the aroma of toasted bread or nut. I did not use pure butter, but some cheapskate Sainsbury stuff so this is the akibat. It took me twice the instruction's cooking time to get the aroma and change of texture. Maybe I stared at it too long that my mind started imagining things when actually it did not change at all. hahah!
Za Turrrkey! Big, Fat Juicy, with stuffing and lemon up it's ass. The bacon was used to cover the breasts.. supposed to keep it juicy wor..
Do you notice that there are two colours of the meat? The inner meat is yellowish.. dunno why

I ate the thigh the day after, and it was tougher than the breast meat T__T. The leftover turkey is still left downstairs, no one disposed of it. hahah I shall do it tmrw.

Fortunately, no one died or got food poisoning from the food (or else I won't be here blogging). Oh I tried to took a picture of all the dishes together (salad, mashed potatoes, yorkshire
pudding, cocktail sausages, bacon, and leek & potato soup) but it turned out so blurry I decided not to post here. We had guests, so I also pai seh wanna take so many photos like a maniac

Anyways, the day after that we had Barry's famous Sarawak laksa. Yummy yummy! So much good food.. I think that was my only meal of the day.. lol

Yesterday, Tad Song left for London. Now, there's only me and James.. the house is quieter than ever. Heck I haven't seen James for four days liow. WTF we both in the house never meet. So quiet.. sometimes feel a bit lonely lar, despite chatting with people on the net. No face to face interaction.. Lol.

Anyway, now Yein Shiang is back so I got some one to talk crap with.

The New Year is coming, but I haven't planned anything for that yet. Lazy lazy lazy. No one contact me also, so I also lazy wanna initiate. lor.

Ok, that's all this time.


Turkey Mania!

Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Hello people!

This is just a story of me and turkey. As you all know, I took bath with a frozen turkey last year. Hahha! Fortunately, this year, that did not repeat. Instead, I got to defrost it in the plastic box I use to soak my clothes. I considered putting it in my room, but the tought of waking up in the middle of the night with the turkey missing is a bit scary... NNOOO!

ANyways, I left it outside my room, outside the toilet. Maybe that's the secret ingredient to make it tasty. Anyhow, I have buttered it (dunno if that's the correct term) and filled it with stuffing and lemon and tossed it into the oven (with Barry's help). I couldnt' take any pictures as my hands were oily and messy. There were blood and water dripping everywhere... not a nice sight. I did not really follow any recipe, just mix and match.. hopefull it'll come out alright. haha!
I did not do a proper job of stuffing it too.. lol! Scared no time ar...

Now, I'm boiling the neck and internal organs to make the turkey broth, for the gravy. I hope I'll remember to turn the turkey around later.. lol i don't want the turkey to be cooked on one side and raw on the other.. haha!

Anyways, I shall post pictures of the dinner later. I think i'd better go check on it now
Ja ne!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!

This post is just to wish everyone a happy christmas! It's just 12 midnight here in the UK, but when I wake up it'll already be night time in Malaysia. So I'd better wish before it's too late!

I hope everyone enjoyed his/her holiday!


Moon, Dinner, Tekken

Sunday, 23 December 2007

Yesterday night, I just realised that I can still see the moon from my room! Wow.. the light shinning into the room was so bright.. so nice! I missed the moon by just a bit if I were on the bed.. but still nice to see the ray of light.

Anyways, I found out that everyone slept at 5 a.m. yesterday. Hhaha! We all heard the neighbour's noisy party, and fire alarm T__T.

Ohh we cooked for Barry tonight, and while coming back, I saw the moon again, which was so damn big! I tried taking photos with my phone but failed miserably. Dang. Anyways, I cooked beef with pepper.. using packet powder of course! I've gotta start using them.. so many of them hiding in the cupboard. This time, I read the instructions clearly. The last time i tried using a packet sauce for fried rice, I added the sauce after I finish frying. It was when I threw away the packaging that I read the instructions: Stir fry the sauce with oil, then add meat. After that, add rice. T__T"

Oh, we'll be going shopping tmrw for our christmas dinner. I'll be in charge of the darn turkey. We'll be making salad, mashed potatoes, and leek with some white unidentified sauce. (Me and James tried this before.. we'll find out the ingredients tonight on the net.. then go get the ingredients tmrw). The dessert will be apple (something.. pie?), soft drinks, and ice cream (cuz Yvonne took back the weighing scales.. so I can't make pudding this time.. but I ain't complaining.. one dish is enough for me!) Waahhh so many nice dishes... I hope it'll turn out fine!
Barry's brother and friend will be joining us too. ohohohoho!

ANYWAYS, I lumped all the photos togeher cuz I am too lazy to sort them out. After this, we'll be going to Barry's place for some tekken. wahahahah!


View from my room.. that's the moon. Damn bright right! (although you can't see it clearly)
Blur photo.
Wahh look so delicious
Wahhh bah kut teh and vege!

Holidays have started!

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Hello people! This bloody blooger picture update screwed up so I had start all over again. Anyways, The holidays have started! There are many things that happened, but I hadn't the mood to blog. I'll try now!

Anyways, last Sunday and Thursday, Barry invited us to his place for dinner! Very delicious! Here are the photos!

Wahh Stir fried pork with curry powder!

CHICKEN RICE! The rice was so nice I could eat it on it's own!

Shifu at work.

Wahhh so many nice dishes! WOOOO
Yea.. so many nice dishes.. I am feeling hungry as I write this T__T. We got to play Tekken at his place too! Wah nice game... no super power and all that, just fighting. THe moves are pretty realistic too! Nice game nice game

Well, moving on, yesterday, my supervisor called me early in the morning to inform me that the manuals for the FTIR is ready for collection at Beighton (which turned out to be a part of Sheffield.. Sheffield is really big!). So I rushed off, printing off the map from Google Map, I went to the bus station to enquire about how to get there. The guy at the information center gave me the information booklet of the correct bus, but told me to wait at the wrong bus stop.

I realised that as I read the information booklet at the bus stop..T__T. I was a bit puzzled... who should I trust? Luckily, an kind lady at the bus stop gave me the directions to the correct bus stop (although I did got lost and had to run around like a headless chicken before finding the correct bus stop)

Anyways, to cut the long story short ( I bet you guys are already bored by now) I managed to get there. And, here are the pictures!

That's Veolia's Material Recovery Centre! Cool.. I finally know where it is!

Some.. river/long kang.. probably river.. I've seen a few small streams (with name!) in Sheffield which looks like huge long kang in malaysia

This looked real nice in real life.

Woo I like these kinda views! Long straight road....

The branches of these trees were so thin they look like bulu.. here, you can't really see it... aih

Another picture.. but this sucks

I have learned that I have to squat down and take a horizontal picture in order to make it nice.. wuwuuwuwuw note to self.

Anyway, from one of the journeys back from Barry's place, I took this last photo. It was foggy that night, and the lights from the hospital made it look beautiful. In this picture it's just all foggy:

Anyways, that's the end of this post. See you next time!

No Title

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Woohooo people!

It's been a while since my last update... here are some random pictures (again) which I took just to .. well.. post here. Seriously, nothing much. Oh, I wanted to take picture of the frost on cars but I kept forgetting. Taking pictures isn't exactly what you'll be thinking off when it's -2 C and sleepy. But, I'll try on Monday when I meet my supervisor.

Anyways, the holidays are here. Kinda. After the meeting with supervisor on monday and 2 more classes on Tuesday and Wednesday, there's nothing else till examinations. TIME TO REVISE!!!! YEOSH! I'm gonna just stay at home (or the libraries) this winter and study my brains out. I feel kinda excited about that already.

Anyways, here are the poorly taken pictures:

Ferris wheel in the city centre
Something.... something.. in city center... merry-go-round..
ugh.. blurred christmas tree

Light pollution. The sky was otherwise pitch black.

I am already starting to feel hungry, so I'd better go to bed soon.


Thursday, 13 December 2007

ARGH ARGH ARGH I still get overstressed easily. I always feel I did not do enough man...

THis sucks..


Someone save me! I don't wanna get low marks for this project! I NEED FIRST CLASS>>>>..

Aih.. suxxors suxxors... Why I like that wan.... if relax then relax kao kao... don't think anything and time flies.. when stress.. super stress. WUWUWUWUUW... I think everytime I stress, I get older four times faster. Shorten my life only. Haiseh.... why ar why.... I am not good quality student ar really...

Now I only hope to get over this year as soon as possible.. graduate and find work. Which reminds me to apply more job. Dang. I hate myself ar... so hopeless.....

Come on people, give me some motivation, some positive words. Don't give me more stress please... Although I won't consider suicide, I will likely to have a mental breakdown. Ai~~


Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Working in the Information Commons is much better. Although still waste time on internet, but not that much. Ohohoho! Must get the sense of urgency yet at the same time not overstress myself like last time.. yosh..

Anyways, some pictures.. ugh.. no pictures of James' Birthday.. never mind. I will be cooking my bah kut teh soon. I belanja you! (come to think of it.. you've been cooking a lot of that lately too.. hmmm ... must think of something else.. any suggestions?)

Just a random picture of my dinner.. ugh... at least that ain't grass
Random picture of an apple
Taken at James' B'day.. yea.. dun have his face. haha! That's the ceiling of the No.1 buffet. The building used to be a bank, according to Wang Ang... hahaha
Dusk in Sheffield. Ugh.. the picture not properly taken. It looked so nice on the phone T__T

Crazy timing

Monday, 10 December 2007

Hello people. It's 6 a.m. in the morning now. You are probably wondering why am I up so early. Nope, you are wrong. I haven't slept yet.

Lately, I find myself unable to concentrate and do things I am supposed to do. I could only start concentrating when it's very very late. Or maybe after wasting lots of time.

Perhaps I think too much. Yeosh! From tommorow onwards, I shall go jogging till I feel too tired to think! Then maybe I can concentrate better. Sigh sigh. The more I think of it the more depressing it gets.. lack of concentration. Wargh.


Saturday, 8 December 2007

I feel that there's so few pictures. So, I shall take photos when I go out... well if you don't like pictures of the sky, this blog will still bore you. =)
No interesting pictures, and I have not eat out for a looonnggg time now. Besides James' b'day. Ugh no photo.

yum yum

Friday, 7 December 2007

I am thoroughly enjoying my fried rice. For the first time, I used lab chiong (Chinese sausage) in it.. WUUHUU SO NICE! I've been day dreaming about it for some time..


Anyways.. I've improved a bit on piano, but I still can't get the fast bit correct... fingers too slow. And I am learning to play by reading the notes straight away.. and not memorising it.. see if can work or not.

No photos now.. still enjoying my fried riece.... IT"S SO NICE. Probably because I've not had this kind of fried rice for ages. Yum YuM!

My washing machine sucks.

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

My washing machine sucks. The clothes that come out of it are super wet. I mean, wth, there was water dripping from my clothes after I hang them. WTH!?
It's like all my clothes were just soaked in water. T__T

On another note, I've finished watching Hana Yori Dango and Hana Yori Dango Returns!

I should really work on my willpower to control myself. And learn how to relax and enjoy doing my work. Anyways, as usual, my sleeping time has been messed up again, so I'm going to bed soon, hopefully wake up early morning to do some work. Gotta do some shopping tommorow, I've run out of veges. Oh I've just cooked more expired curry today. Wahahha! I also managed to finish my potatoes! I think there was at least 1.5 kg of potatoes.

Oh I wanna go book the piano room tommorow. I feel like playing piano more nowadays lol!
I want to enjoy my studying life! It's my Last year in University! Yeosh!

I must go out more often... maybe I should start studying in the IC more often. I need to socialise more. Little wonder why I've been kinda depressed lately ( as usual. Maybe I can blame it on winter. Cold, grey skies, little sunlight [partly because I dont' go out], and no one to snuggle with. hahaha!)

Okayz, matane!

Remember this

Sunday, 2 December 2007

Keep looking forward. It is ok to not feel regret about what you did, time you wasted. It is not wrong. Be happy with your life. Be grateful you are alive. This might be your last day in this world. Time won't go back. THIS IS YOUR LIFE. YOU ARE ALIVE. LIVE IT.

You only have one life. Average expectancy 70 plus years, if you live that long. Why feel bad all the time? You don't wanna be old and regret about the time wasted feeling bad. Not living your life as it should be. Wake up with a smile.

Only look back for lesson to learn. Or else it's wasting time feeling bad. No one wants you to feel bad all your life. Everyone wishes for the best. So Do your best. Gambate!

Fancy dress party

Photos from the 70s' dress, celebrating hsin yu's b'day party:

I am hidding behind there. Crazy ppl with crazy dresses

Hhahah! I kinda look like a begger
Shaggy hair!

Oh yea.... we're so cool.. come join us smoke weed

Yeap pictures from the party. Too lazy to describre what we did, basically, as usual, I was dancing away all night enjoying myself without giving a damn about others. hahaha! I LIKE DANCING DAMNIT! (btw if you dance in a 70's club, you can do all those groovy moves and nobody would laugh at you.. SO FUN!)

Anyways, I might edit this post in the future for more stories... don't feel like talking now. Sigh. Depressed jun xue is back.

Anyways, thanks Kenny, for your uplifting words and advices everytime I am down. Thanks a lot.


Saturday, 1 December 2007

Hey all, no pictures unfortunately.

Just an update on my boring life. Anyways, I've wasted some time yesterday. It always happends on fridays. I will have to make up to it this weekend! STUDY! PROJECT! ASSIGNMENT!

Actualy, there's quite a lot of programmes today. Later, we're gonna clean up the house at 2. And then, at night, going to Hsin Yu's party. And I haven't bought the wig for it too. The theme is "Back to the 70s"... or something like that.. ahahah!


Anyways, I've tried playing FF8 again, but I almost gave up on the card quest AGAIN. It's so hard.. thanks to the random rule. I can't select the card I want to lose to her. AND! Even after I lost to her, I've gotta make sure she goes back to Balamb. Or I will chase her all over the world, getting all the other stupid rules as well. Oh well.. I hate Random rule.. and the Wall plus/ wall same rules because I still don't understand them. hahahha!

I'll try to abolish the random rule. If that is done, I believe it will be smooth sailing ahead (although I will porbably have to restart many times to get her to go to the correct places). Aih.

Now, I'm cooking pizza and crisps. About time I eat them.. hahah!

Oh these few days have been pretty warm, so I guess it's gonna be very cold in a weeks time or so. That is my prediction.. hahah!

Ja ne.

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