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Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Hello people! I'm at the last leg of the race now.. one more week to go.. Sighness.. I'll just pray for the best. Anyways, here are some pictures:

Thai Sweet Chilli crisps (since 1879)
1879 is just bullshit.. that colour makes me think of old pictures/olden times
Playing with that.. colour thing.. ugh.
Tarte au chocolat. Yum yum! Courtesy of Yee Huai my food donor.
The rest of the pictures are somewhat.. disgusting.. you have been warned!

Oh? What's that? hmm white and green tic tacs? NO!

Coloured rice with decoration? Again, NO!

That, ladies and gentlemen, is some uber mouldy rice. It's been left there for a month maybe. OMGGGGGGGGGG.

Yes, my housemates have done lots of study on biology, specifically, moulds and other whatnots that grows on leftover food. We've experimented with cucumber left so long it the fridge that it turned liquid and the various colours (and smell) of rotten cabage to name a few.

But THIS, is a first time. The rice was still in the rice cooker. Only two spoonful of rice left. The actual culprit has not yet been identified, but I suspect myself. Firstly, other ppl have their own rice cooker, and don't borrow Tad Songs. And i've left a bit of rice in the rice cooker before. BUT, before you shake your head in disgust, let me first explain.

I can't remember if I was the one, but I remember there was once I might have used Tad Song's rice cooker to cook for him, Yein Shiang and myself. I left the washing up to others I think. So, maybe the rice was from back then, cuz after that I used Mark's rice cooker. I never touched Tad Song's rice cooker anymore, and I thought the rice was his.. untill THE GREAT DISCOVERY!!!!

Anyways, feeling a bit guilty cuz I might be done responsible, I got rid of the mould and rice and soaked the rice cooker in hot water. Gonna wash it tmrw. Seriously, when I took the picture of this.... thing, I inhaled some spores and felt unwelll for a few hours... it's uber strong. When I cleaned it, I think some of the rice literally exploded into a cloud of spores when it was crushed. EWWWWWW but cool.

Anyways, here ends the story. hahahahah hope you enjoyed it, and spoiled your appetite as well. Till next time!


Friday, 25 April 2008

Hello everyone! Right right, now that I got all my other assignments out of the way, I can concentrate fully on my Final Year Project now (gonna start now... right after this entry.. I've been resting since yesterday.. kinda.. haha)

YEOSHHH must get back to my previous productivity. GOGOGO!!!!

ugh before that, some random pictures. I've got no time to go to the Botanical Garden this time.... such a waste. I think all the flowers must have finished blooming by now. Hmm ><

This tree seemed to have just skipped spring and Summer and go straight to Autumn... those are new leaves.. that's the tree of which I took a picture of. Maybe the leaves will turn green?
Tea flavoured chocolate! Gifts from Yee Huai.. she's been sharing/feeding me with loads of extra calories... but I'm not complaining ^^
Sooo many flowers on one tree. Explosion of flowers!
A white tree.
I know this is poorly taken, but I was rushing home... reminds me of the tree in Halifax Hall long ago. When all the flowers were blooming, it looks like the White Tree of Minas Tirith, or at least that's what I imagined it to be. Nice nice ^^
Ok, here end this post. I look forward to more thunderstorms and blooming flowers and fresh green leaves.. and fair weather! Spring is here!

Falling sick

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Hello people. Sorry for not updating. I feel like I'm gonna get sick suddenly today. Maybe this is the limit of my body.. unable to whitstand this kind of lifestyle anymore. Or, perhaps I just let myself relaxed a bit (after completing the experiments and getting some interesting results, I was feeling happy)... and that might be the reason. Maybe I'll get seriously ill after I hand in my thesis, or finish my exams T__T. Sigh, then no time to relax and enjoy life hahah

Anyways, here are some pics.

In Tsing Va. Some sort of fried rice that's damn nice..
Hmm.. Did I post this before?
ugh.. I can't find other nice picture of food. Shall.. update later this week. Oh, check out the new song.. somehow, I couldn't get it to autoplay...


Saturday, 19 April 2008

Ahh.. finally managed to upload the photos. It seems like the zoomed-in picture of the O-Ring is too big, so it has to be uploaded by itself. Anyways, here they are:

The O-Ring. This one has some strange white thing at it's edges, soemthing to investigate.. hhmmm.. And this photo looks cool right? ohohohoho!

The apparatus for the O-RIng thingie... looks.. groovy doesn't it?

Food! Don't know why I put this up. Picture taken in Aunt Sally.. and somewhere in there, are deep fried mushroom with a thick coating of.. err... flour. Damn cool. My first time seeing that. Am I very Kampung? uwuwuwuw...
In Sheffield (and probably the rest of UK), it snows more in April than in any other months. Probably, more snow in april than the rest of the year. So much for Spring eh. So much for 'the darling buds of May'. All hidden by snow and frost.
I'm already feeling sleepy.. don't know if I should do work or rest... then wake up early tmrw to continue my endless workload. Hmm. HHm.... maybe do some exercise.. nah.. too tired and lazy, feeling very full from my dinner. Okok, I hope to update more this week.. ^^

Tale of O-Rings

Aih.. I tried to upload pictures but failed. Gonna try later. I'm so hungry now.. nowadays, instant food is my best friend.. especially at 2 am. I want to cook my Kang Kung, but Barry's not in.. I need his salty belacan and then add my chili powder (I've finished my supplies long ago).

Thus.. Instant noodles it is!


Friday, 18 April 2008

Hullo people. Hmm.. the FYP is giving me worries again. Sigh. I have to wait till Monday to see someone to clarify something. So for the mean time, I'll jsut work on the thesis. I hope I can put all these aside in my mind and concentrate. Usually I suck at that. But let's see how it'll be this time.

Of assignments and thesis

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

I've been busy doing biomechanics assignment... 3000 words.. and I'm only at 1000. Don't think I'll approach 3000. The subject is so.. foreign to me. Design of a prosthetic heart mitral valve (that's what I chose..). Being a mechanical engineer, the journals I read were quite hard to understand.. it's like reading Greek... in Braille.

Anyways, i've gotta catch up on my thesis writing too. 10,000 words. Sigh. Life has taught me that it is absolutely necsassary to learn some bullshitting skills if you were ever to achieve anything.

Forgotten post

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Forgot to post the picture of Yee Huai's Carbonara pasta. Groovyyyyyy.


Friday, 11 April 2008

Not much mood to blog, so here are some random pictures I took.

The leaves are red, making it look like autumn again T__T
Can someone teach me how to capture these kind of scenes properly?
Snow in April! View from 3rd floor of the IC
Spring has come!
Winding road

short update

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Hello everyone! I've been extremely busy lately hence the lack of updates. Finally, I am working as hard as I imagined I would: no entertainment (besides the news, a few blogs and facebook), sleeping 7 hours, the rest of the time spent doing my work. Oh yeah.

I'll post the pictures this weekend I think. I will take a break (again) on Friday night I think.. gotta cook something proper instead of the rubbish food i've been eating lately... chicken and chips, pizza, instant noodles. All the in the name of saving time. hahah!

All right, gotta wake up at 9 tommorow morning, and it's already 3.. zzzzz

Random news

Monday, 7 April 2008

I read this article in BBC... seems like, anything can be used as a weapon after all.

click here

End of holidays

It's already the end of the Easter holidays. Actually, it didn't felt like a holiday to me. And, for the first time, I've experienced a white Easter. It's already the end of the first week of April (good grief save me God) and it was snowing heavily today. Which is pretty cool. It's a shame that there wasn't enough snow for a snow fight. I'll post the pictures later on.

Anyways, I've forgotten to train my wrist muscle for sometime now. Laziness is in the air.

I took the risk of having a short break from the monotonous 8 hours of "work" a day on friday night and.. well.. it sucked. I am still struggling to get back to my productive mode today. Nvm. Tommorow, I'll make sure to do LOADS of work at the laboratory tommorow. I am contemplating bringing my laptop there so that I can do work in the quiter part of the lab.... hhmmm.

Career wise, I'm still can't fully settle down with the job offer.. still feel a bit restless about my future when i think about it. I have also found out that I wasn't invited for a assesment by a certain company.. darn.. those people should at least send a polite email saying that I've failed their screening or something. Many companies never bother to reply you. One replied me almost one year later (when I was applying for my summer placement).

Anyways, I should go to bed soon. Gotta heat up some olive oil for my ear too. Till next time people!

Tag no.2

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Tagged by Denise

- You

-First Name - Jun Xue

Nickname - JX

Name you wish you had - Can't think of any

What do people normally mistake your name as - Ranges from JunSu to Jun Xie to "Har?"

Birthday - 3rd March 1987

Birthplace - Klang

Time of Birth - 5 a.m.

Single or taken - Single and wished to be taken. LOL

Zodiac sign - Pisces.

-Your Appearence

-How tall are you - 172 cm

Wish you were taller - yea

Eye color - Black

Eye color you want - Grey

Natural Hair color - Black

Current Hair color - Black

Short or long hair - Medium

Ever dye your hair a bizarre color - Never dyed any normal colour either.

Last time you did something dramatic with your hair - Left it so long my grandpa mistook me as my own girlfriend

Glasses or contacts - Glasses

Do you wear make-up - T__T

Ever had hair extensions - T___T

Paint your nails - T__T

Bath and Body products? No preference

In the opposite gender-

What color eyes - Doesn't matter.

What color hair - Dark.

Shy or Outgoing - Somewhere in the middle? But if I have to choose, shy.

Looks or personality - Both LOL. If I have to choose again, personality la...

Sexy or Cute - Cute.. gua

Serious or Fun - Capable be both, each at the appropriate times.

Older or Younger than you - matters not.

A turn on - Compassionate. lol

A turn off - Not open minded

Flowers or Chocolate - Chocolate T__T

Pepsi or Coke - Coke

Rap or Rock - Rock.

Relationship or One night stand - Both at the same time. LOL! Relationship laaa

School or Work - Need more work experience to give answer

Love or Money - Love

Movies or Music - Music.

Country or City - City.

Sunny or Rainy days - Rainy. (If in UK, sunny)

Friends or Family - Stupid question.

-Have you ever-

Lied - Yes. LOL who hasn't??

Stole something - Kinda

Smoked - No

Hurt someone close to you - Yes.

Broke someone's heart - Probably

Had your heart broken - I guess

Wish you were a prince/princess - If it's in a fairytale, yes

Liked someone who was taken - Nope.

Shaved your head - Nope.

Been in love - yeah

Used chopsticks - yea

Sang in the mirror to yourself - Nope.


Flower - Err.. Rose. (i can only think of that now..haha)

Song - Too many.

Scent - Scent of wet earth, freshly cut grass

Color - Blue/Silver

Movie - Lord of The Rings

Singer - Many

Word - Spoilt with choices...

Junk food - Chocolate?

Website - spcnet

Location - Beside my loved ones. aawww....

Animal - Otter

Ever cried over someone - Iguess

Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself - More willpower.

Do you think you're attractive - Not really

If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose - Can't think of any fairytale with a guy as a main character now.

Do you play any sports - Used to.

List (8) random facts about yourself and tag (8) people

1. I like dark chocolate

2. I like martial arts

3. I share the same birthdate as Rinoa Heartily

4. I have imbalanced abdominal muscle

5. I like dark clouds and thunderstorm

6. I still have 2 assignments and Final Year Project to finish

7. I like cooking and baking

8. I daydream a lot

8 people I tag: Kenny Yeoh, Wai Tuck, Soo Shan, Samuel CHAN, Joanne Tay (hahhaha sorry choose you again), Esther, Adelle, Ee Von.

You are welcomed to do this tag even if you are not named lol


Friday, 4 April 2008

Here are some random pictures I took. Enjoy ^^

Early morning sunshine.
The blossoming of flowers
Church looms in the dark background
Long road ahead.
The last picture too bright. lolx.

April's Fool

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Darn it. I am so.. trusting. okok... I'm a fool!

Got pranked thrice.. once by Kenny, then Kenny Sia, then my cousin Joanne. When I was reading Kenny Sia's blog, I felt that the entry is very strange lor.. BUT I STILL BELIEVE. Sigh.
Then Joanne said she's getting nose job. I believe 50 % ar... BUT STILL.

Good grief. At least I managed to prank Barry. And Wai Tuck. Sigh.. you ppl.. TOO FREE LOR.


Have a nice day everyone!

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