My new camera

Sunday, 26 October 2008

This post is dedicate solely to my camera.

In case you are wondering, no, my camera did not go kaputt. Some of my dear (dear?? dear!?) readers seem to have not noticed that I have gotten myself a new camera for the Europe Trip with my parents (well, my dad got it from Malaysia actually) so this post is to officially introduce all of you to my camera!

It's a 10.1 megapixel 18X zoom Nikon camera. It is not a DSLR camera, but there's more options with regards to exposure and apperture compared to most digicams. I got this because I didn't want to go straight to DSLR until I really prepared for it.
It is quite bulky, but well, I have not fully utilized this baby, so we shall see if it's really worth the money (well so far it is haha)

Random photos, Pizza

Hello people!

Yes, another post.. suprisingly. I shall start off with updates about my life. I'm getting more work coming my way, and I welcome that. Life is pretty satisfying now, actually, more balanced. Work and exercise... and keeping myself healthy! The next step would be to develop myself in other areas... say, public speaking and socialising. I've not registered for the fellwalking club as well!

There's so many clubs/society both in and outside the company I can join. It's almost like university again, just that this time I have the money to join them! MONEY! AHHAHAHAH!

What I meant was, I'm going to make full use of it now. To experience more things in life!

Right right, I'm getting carried away, but what the hell let's delve into this subject while we're at it. I find that my "interests" are too diversified now. Photography, cooking, martial arts. All three (well, I can't think of anymore right now...) require time and effort to be good at. I was thinking to myself the other day, well, if I just dabble a bit in everything, isn't that quite a waste of time and effort? Where does my real passion lies?

Also, I was thinking about the drawbacks of each activity. Cooking actually costs more than you can imagine... almost half of my weekly grocery shopping went to just one dish I was trying out T____T

Martial arts could have negative effect on health on the long run if not done correctly. Why do I pursue martial arts? The spirit? Beat people up? Self-confidence? Fun? Something deeper?

Photography.. there's yet so many things I have to learn. I finally accepted using software to modify photographs. It suddenly struck me as a type of art as well. Expressing your way to a certain extent, because everyone would modify a photograph differently... or am I wrong?

Right right, enough of self reflection on my blog. Yes people, I often think about things like this when I keep quiet... Do you?

Recently, I have also discovered the importance of babbling away to keep the conversation going even though you don't particualarly feel like talking. Well, at least that's what you need to do to socialise better. I've always thought that it's prudent to keep quiet and speak only when you need to. Too often have I encountered people who like to talk on and on about things they aren't sure of or have no idea at all.

Ok, back to the topic. Oh yes! Life is quite fun. Working each day, and exercising often makes you tired and sleep early. Nowadays, I seldom watch anime/movies or game (gah... I must finish my FF7 before I die... one of my goals in life =)] That is good, I believe.

Right, now that I have bored most of you who actually took the effort to read what I wrote, let's move on to the photographs! Now, I read in BBC somewhere that this year's autumn colours will be very beautiful, because of the cool/wet summer (can't remember). Now do I know that weather can affect the leaves' colour when they wither. More intersting facts! I do notice that the leaves are redder, but I'm not sure if that's only this year.


One day, I was sitting on my desk calmly reading some stuff when suddenly! Some guy dangled infront of me in all rock climbing gear! No, it was no SAS crack force arresting me for picking my nose. These guys were hanging around tapping the structure, and I'm guessing they are just testing the structural integrity (what a scary thought actually). I was too shy (yes, shy... Sigh none of my friends believes me when I say that) to open the curtain bigger to snap a photo of that guy.
"Gahh! This is so exciting! *tap tap tap*"

Another thing that I forgot to mention long ago, I got a great desk! Where i'm sitting, I get to enjoy the view of sunrise everyday. It is nice to see the clouds roll by when you're taking a short break from work, as well as to just admire the sky. I think I'm not supposed to snap any photographs inside the building, but since this is just a view outside, I guess it's ok?

Yeap, that's the reflection of myself ruining the photo.

This picture is dedicated to one of my best friends.

Right, this never-ending post is goin on about fog. I came back from my colleague's housewarming party one night to see lots of fog. The street lamps cast beams of light through the mist with some help of the thick folliage. Quite a beautiful and mysterious sight to behold.

But poorly taken by my Phone's camera

This is a sample of the type of food I cook for myself everyday.
I am of course, just joking. I got this lamb with red wine thingy in an italian restaurant.

More sunrise. By now, you should have noticed that the reason I have all this disjointed stories in one post is because all these photographs were taken with my handphone; all of which I have neglected to upload until today.
The last part (finally!): Pizza! I had some fantastic homemade pizza courtesy of Elias. Traditional Italian recipe. He said that he'll open a pizza restaurant if he fails as an engineer lol!
*For some reasons, the pictures I have posted came out the other way around. So, we shall backstep from the final product:

Master Elias serving the square pizza with his deft hands
Actually, all pizzas started of as squares. That, my friend, is the original pizza. Okok you are tired of my lame jokes now, I get it. Don't worry, we're reaching the end of this incoherent post.
Elias hidding his secret recipe. Saim is busy snapping away. Oh, he was sent to Abu Dhabi for an assignment, so this is some kind of a farewell party for him as well.

Last photo of him preparing. I am truly honoured to be invited to have those fantastic pizzas!

Last of all, the daylight saving time has just been reverted today. Although I did get an extra hour of sleep, I will be going back in the dark everyday now. Gradually, I will see less and less sunshine and become moodier. LOL let's hope not.

Ok, signing out for now.

Trip to Notthingham

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Hello People! It's been a long while since I last updated, and there's quite a bit of stories to share. To begin with, I shall blog about my trip to Notthingham to find my cousin Joanne. Well, pictures tell the tale better than words, and it's getting late, so here we go:

The streets of Notthingham

Joanne and her Nasi Lemak. RAAWWRRR

Peculiar corner
Market tents basking in sunlight

Joanne and her salmon. Yum!
More posing. My first experiment at taking proper shots of people. If not for the fact that she's good at posing, it would be much worse lol!

We had dinner with Leann and some of her friends in Nandos

Finally! A picture of me lol! Gah.. she showed me a picture of me from 7 years ago, and we both agreed I haven't changed a bit. ....................... I wish i could say I'm very happy about that.

Ughh... That was rather brief. Okok I shall briefly describe what we did then. Basically, she brought me shopping in Notthingham lol! As she just came to Notthingham not long ago, the city's pretty new to her (yeah.. and I showed her the directions a once or twice... lol I feel so proud about it). Anyways, I bought a black shirt (finally!) and saw a few nice coats (not sure if they are trench coats) which I quite like so I'm waiting for the sales now hahah!

What else.... we had some malaysia food for lunch, and some fish-y food on Sunday. HAHAH I guess that's a pretty poor description, but I think the name of the restaurant was Loch Fyne or something. I had sea Bass with mash and peas, and it tasted quite good! (just that it's tad bit too salty). We didnt' do anything very exciting, but it was good to meet up with my cousin after such a long time... well, slightly more than a year as I remembered.

We spent quite some time chatting, so it's quite a good bonding session as well lol.

Anyways, more stories about my life tommorow, or when the internet connection gets better. I really have to talk to the landlord. We've put up a password but quite often the connection is still shitty.

Allrights, that's all folks. I need rest and sleeepppp

Trip to London

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Right. Trip to London. I went to London last Sunday to meet up with Yvonne and other friends. It was my first time to London from Reading. The train took about 25 minutes.. hmm about the the time for the bus ride from my place to city centre T__T. So here are some pictures I took!

That's yvonne and su khok
Michelle with her char kuey teow!

Posing with the... "thing". lol. We had our deserts here. Oh the waitress in this restaurant is not friendly at all.. very eager to get rid of us although there weren't many customers at all T__T
View under the Jubilee bridge
Posing with Tien Han

Our model of the day

Too bad the background is like shit. hahha!

One day I must get my friends to be my model.. to practise my photography skills. Any volunteers?

Michelle's dyed hair. I don't know why I put this picture up seriously

Cute graffiti
By the riverside
Yvonne and her cat picture

Guhh.. i don't want to describe this photo.

Oh, after that, we went to a Belgium restaurant Tian Hann recommended. Quite cool setting underground.
Chocolate beer! Tastes exotic at first.. but i got tired of the weird aftertaste soon.
Can't remember what this is.. but it's nice! Beef, stewed with apple and carrot and other sauces. coolz
One kilo of mussels! hahahaha! we all shared it though

Ahh I forgot the photos of the pistachio ice cream and the waffle with Belgian dark chocolate, both of which are fantastic. Anyways, that's the end of my adventures in London.

Of Mooncakes and dew

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Well hello! Yes I've finally managed to upload my photos. More photos to come, if all goes well. Anyways, here are the photos as promised.

I recieved a parcel from garnet girl i think..2 weeks ago. She sent me mooncakes! Suprisingly, it was only RM30 to send two mooncakes here. I expected it to cost more than that.

Nice packaging! I never knew they sell 2 mooncake with a packaging like this.. I've always thought it's either one or four lol
My tea!
Yum yum!

I've finished the single yolk, shared a bit of it with my housemates. I'm going to finish the other one tonight hehe

Anyways, one Saturday, I woke up to the sight of heavy fog again! However, I was too lazy to walk about to take photos, partly because I'm afraid it will rain as well. I did take some photos of spider webs decorated with dew though!

There's so many spider webs T__T
Making nests everywhere

I quite like this picture.

I still have my London trip photos, as well as my "adventures" to blog about (thruth be told, both are quite boring), but I'm going to have my breakfast first. Ja!

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