Malaysia trip part 8

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Hello people!

I'm back. With more pictures from visiting relatives.

Hmmm I know this little boy is my relative but i don't know.. exactly... what.. hahahah Distant cousin? Hmmm anyways, he's very cute.. smiles everytime my cousin took a picture of him with flash.

See so excited about the flash hahaha
Han Xue and Mee Leng

My..great aunt, aunt, mum, dad
Uncle and Rushen

Yeahhh... hahaha

Look at that! It's like the clouds are flowing out of the sky like water.
Hmmm after what I have experienced.. I have to say.. although it sounds rather cliche, the feeling and atmosphere of CNY comes mainly from being with my family and all my relatives. Especially the sound of many people chatting away in one room happily. It was louder than most pubs on a Friday night. HAHAH

Anyways, I have a bit of sore throat and I can't sleep... I need more rest! I think i screwed up my sleeping habits last weekend. Damn.

Malaysia Trip part 7

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Hello everyone!

Yet more pictures of the temple. Enjoy ^^

Lanterns! and the colour is not right.. it should be bright red! not pink! I gotta learn how to use those photo editing programmes.

Repairing lanterns

The pious praying

KL tower! And petronas twin towers!

I like the name plate.

Next post is the final post about CNY visiting.... No more pictures of temples. Till next time!

Malaysia Trip part 6

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Harlow harlow. Back with more pictures while I still have the mood to post.

THe performance.. by a group of people from China. LOL. Poor them gotta work on CNY to earn money.

Anyways, the curtain rises...
JEng Jeng Jeng! A bunch of lovely ladies start their performance....thousand hand buddha

Whoa see the concentration on her face
I got many many hands!
Ugh.. same picture. Actually you have to be seated right infront of them otherwise it wouldn't look nice
Solo singing
Some.... dance performance
And then there was some juggling acts.. juggling forks

MOAR dancing
Some magic tricks.. wasn't that fantastic but not too bad either.. this is where he keeps throwing "cigarrettes" from his sleeve... quite ordinary
Doves from a box. Not too bad actually
Ugh.. cutting one of the girls into pieces... lol.. the fake hand looks so fake man lol
Last of all.... conjuring an "aeroplane" out of thin air.... and all the ladies you saw just now were inside the plane! Hmmm still.. mediacore.

I should probably revisit my posts and add more description to it.... too short d. Don't you think so?

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