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Sunday, 13 December 2009

These pictures are just a taste of what's been posted on facebook....

okok they are probably the best but heck, it's all about advertisement :P


Sunday, 29 November 2009

Ok more pictures posted in my facebook!

Finally! Got about doing it!

Past month or two felt like I lost my purpose and just.. existing... but that must stop now.

Yeosh! Life!

Last Scotland Picture post?

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Hello All!

This is probably the last batch of Scotland Pictures: There are more, but I have decided to mainly update them on Facebook.. too much trouble updating them here! Perhaps you'll see more writing describing the highlights of my trip... but definitely much less picture.

Reason? I got my dad to start a facebook account. LOL! So.. my family can view the pictures easily.. and it's so much easier to upload them on facebook! Mass upload! If I can do it here as well I won't mind it! But this is too time consuming.. and .. I'm too lazy to upload pictures twice.

Anyways, these are my friend's pics:


Deng deng deng!
Drowning prawn.. ugh.. they had a fancy name for it but I can't remember (it's definitely not prawn)
Cow taking a piss!
Loch Tarf
More of those... creatures!
Last picture of me posing =)

Scotland Trip Part 3

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Wah.. I just realised the ordering of my photos are so messed up! I should have obtained all the pictures from my friends before beginning to post.. anyways.. here goes:

Eilean Donan Castle! I think they filmed some parts of the Highlander here!

Breakfast! Scones!

I like my Scottish scarf flying in the wind! Oh, I found out the "clan" of that particular tartan pattern.. it's Steward Royal! Finally! I found out!
Posing with rainbow hahaha
Isle of Sky! That's... Old man Stol I think it's called. Anyway, lots of mountains and hills here! Very beautiful place indeed.. all shapes of hills you can imagine!

Scotland Trip Part 2

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Part 2. Enjoy the pictures

Urquhuat castle next to Loch Ness


Pedestrian.. bridge in Inverness
Wild rabbit!

Scotland Trip Part 1

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Hello People!

I'm back! As promised, the pictures from my Scotland Highland trip! When I was sorting out my photos I realised that there's waaayyy too many to put up in one go so I'm gonna have to split it to at least three posts. I will feel bad if I do not post the nice pictures otherwise... it's so beautiful! I just have to post the pictures! Also, I need to get photos from my Facebook account, posted by Yvonne and the rest. Hmm.. lazy man. This upload function is not exactly the best in the world.

Our first day started... no wait... in the beginnint there were supposed to be more people joining us in the trip but due to some unforeseen circumstances, only 4 stout hearted ones remained. May Yen and I flew to Glasgow to meet up with Yvonne and Eric. FIrst day was spent in Loch Lamond, then we drove to Stirling, then to Inverness.

Swan in Loch Lamond! Beautiful isnt' it!

Lone tree on a hill.. ugh.. doesn't looks so nice after uploading.
Picturesque view!
Artistic...... konon. lol
Falkirk wheel! It's a super cool lock.. which May Yen seems very unenthusiastic about and very keen to complain to her colleagues she went all the way to Scotland and I bought her to see this ... wheel. (She's the only non engineer. LOL)

Wallace monument in Stirling. That's right, WIlliam Wallace. FREEDDOOOMMMM

Drive to Inverness. ALl the way, the journey is amazing! A shame it's hard to capture it in the car.. Tried taking a few videos but not sure how well they turn out to be.
Second day, we toured Loch Ness! We went to Falls of Foyers, took some pictures, then decided to drive around the Loch... which is very... big! (Long is more accurate i think). So lots of driving again! But nice scenery! Above is a picture taken near Falls of Foyers... my initial plan was to walk around to the other side of the valley.. but.. due to rain and lack of enthusiasm.... we didn't get around doing it.
The falls! of Foyers!
Yvone's hairy cow!
The sight of us humans posing must have been quite confusing for them.....

Random picture... Ok, more to come.. maybe tmrw, maybe day after... busy with work and other sutff!

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