Weird times

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Nowadays, my schedule is kinda.. weird. I skip breakfast, cuz usually I wake up late and rush off to class immediately. I have my lunches late, cuz once I am out I try to get everything done, and thus have my dinner even later.

But today, I had cornflakes for lunch, ate an early 'dinner', and now, having my leftover dinner again at 1.30 in the morning.

Oh, I usually take a nap from 10-11 at night and then wake up to do work. Swt.

And I exercise right before I shower so that I will feel warm. Or else, I'l shiver like hell in the bathroom.

hhmm... I guess this isn't exactly a healty lifestyle.


Monday, 26 November 2007

I am kinda peeved.... I was just informed that I won't be able to get any cashback for my phone. Why? WHY you ask...

Well because, firstly, they only accept originals. WHICH I NEVER RECIEVED FROM O2. They dont' accept copy bills from O2 as well. What the hell....

And then! AND THEN! it's already past the cashback date.... which is mainly due to the stupid O2 that sent wrong copy bill.

But the main thing I am so peeved about is that they don't recieved copy bills FROM O2! It's not like I photocopied it! Heck.. once yor bill is lost in post (which is probably what happened in my case... maybe it's the stupid postal strike...) YOU CAN'T CLAIM YOUR CASHBACK.

Even better news, once you failed to claim, all subsequent claims become invalid. WTH. Sigh..........

Well, at least it's not my fault... I can live with it....

Hhahahah!... Sigh.

Blog readability

Apparently it takes a genius to read my blog. Hahahahahahah!

cash advance

Cash Advance Loans

Halloween pictures!

As I mentioned in my previous post, it's a pain in the arse to upload new photos and arrange them. So I am just gonna post my Halloween pictures here:

Deranged pumpkin murderer The operating table
Monster unleashed!
Smiley made from a part of the pumpkin Housemates!
Jeng Jeng Jeng! The pumpkin is alive!

I am the Pumpkin Master!
I look so cool here...... hahah!
Scary faces in the dark

P/s: I found a fast way to move photos, using edit Html


Sunday, 25 November 2007

These are pictures that I wanted to post in the old blog but never did, in no particular order. Seems like I can only post 5 pictures at a time, and I often get disconnected in the middle of it, and whenever I post new pictures it all end up at the top of the page. Ah well...

Here goes:

Yummy chillie chicken!
Dark clouds 1: Failed to capture the feeling
People in custumes during Halloween.. I missed out on the celebration in city centre
Clouds: Not a good picture
Colourful trees!

Accidently uploaded this picture.. hahah! Tree near my house. I think it's a parking lot
Park on the way to class. Can't capture the dazzling light.. haha!
Friendly neighbourhood (fat) cat.
Inside Mappin hall... I've been wanting to get inside for a long time! Only decent looking hall in the uni I guess.. haha! Taken during Career's day.
Dark clouds which don't seem quite dark here. SIgh.

An Uber cool classroom. Walls of trees man! And you can look at the sky! Taken when I went to the EWB conference.

Another day

Thursday, 22 November 2007

After quite a productive day, I kinda wasted the night. I was tired, I should have taken a nap. Tommorow, I MUST wake up at 8.45. GO to class. BE PRODUCTIVE. Try to stay awake most of the time. Hopefully produced something usefull by the end of the day, and then talk to my supervisor.

I still couldn't find much for UV spectroscopy, as well as ultrasound. Going to read up a bit now and then make an appointment with another lecturer to get more information.

Kinda regret my night passed just like that. Oh.. my mushroom soup did not turn out any better. hhhmm.. gotta change recipe maybe. Tmrw, pizza for lunch & dinner! Lol!



Monday, 19 November 2007

Right now only one word can describe my feelings. Sien. Depressing, sieness...

Why is it so? Could it be the winter? The cold, dark skies that cast shadows on my life, painting everything grey.

I will struggle. I will fight. I cannot afford to fall into this darkness!


Hmm I find what I've been typing here is quite.. depressing. Might not make any sense to you. Partly because of what I am feeling now, and partly because I just edited my previous post. Sounds... depressing...T__T

ANYWAYS. I've tried eating cherry flavoured ice cream. After my short nap, I find myself feeling.. so.. sien. Exercise? That might be the answer. My songs start to bore me now. They can no longer give me the spirit to work. What happened? I am asking myself as well.

I feel lazy to inform everyone of my new blog.

I booked piano room again, for this saturday evening. Hopefully I would be able to play, and enjoy it. Hmm. I guess I will just eat some of my crisps. I can still do work I think. Just that.. the feeling bothers me. Ok. DO work. Thou shalt not laze around whilst work can be done.

Will update this post later, as I would hate to have like five posts in a day. Wouldn't you?

(trying to end this post with a happy, upbeat mood or else I will sulk.. hahah!)

The unwritten, unknown, hidden.

Sunday, 18 November 2007

All that was written,
All that was said,

Troubles immense,
Questions immeasureable,

When will I come to terms with it?

Deep breathe,
Small steps,
I shall take everyday one at a time.

My very first post

Hello people out there! This is my very first post here in blogspot.. groovy...

Anyways, I'll try tinkering with this new blog. Hopefully, it will offer more as compared to my blog on MSN Space (For instance, changing my age!)


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