And the days flew by

Monday, 31 March 2008

Amazingly, it's already the third week of Easter. But actually come to think of it, I only have 8 hours of classes per week T__T. Although it sometimes interferes wtih my plan to go to the lab, it ain't that bad. Sometimes, I skip lunch cuz I'm too lazy to go back and eat lunch. T__T this might sound weird, but one of the reason is also because I eat damn slow. So I'll end up using more than one hour T__T.

Oh I just tested the O-Rings. Seems like it's hard to get consistent results, but they seem to be made of the same material. Haven't tried to analyse the results yet. Will do that later tonight, as well as start on sports engineering assignment write up.

Lately, it's getting warmer and warmer, which is good. Anyways, been doing some thinking about my career in the future, and well it befuddles me more than ever. Sigh... don't even know if I am going down the right path. Nvm. Time for olive oil drops for my ear.... gonna get my ear syringed on Wednesday morning. Groovy...

Random stuff

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Just some random pictures.

Food.. yum yum
Directions in life...
It's so rare to see dark clouds here...T__T

So that's it.. other pictures suck

RAWR! Bite bite!

Wednesday, 26 March 2008


Despite getting quite a good offer, it seems not good enough. Partly, I'm to blame. But it's hard and suffocating sometimes. I feel my rebellious nature coming up (darn about time... ).


Why do I care so much about what people think? AARGH. Ignore! DOn't care! Shut your ears! You can only find inner peace in yourself, when you are at peace with the present [quoted from THE BOOK]

So, the important thing in life is, to be happy! Smile! Be satisfied! Relax! What's the use of chasing something that's not even what you wanted? (Actually, I should first learn to want something). You CANNOT turn back time. So why look back over your shoulders? It brings but useless regrets. You are no doll on string, so go forth! Stumble in the darkness, and learn something.

Peace Jun Xue Peace..... improvement can still come with PEACE. No meaning to life otherwise. Live for yourself! There's more to getting a pat on the back and a praise or two. You'll see, when you look back, in the future.


Sunday, 23 March 2008

Ahhh it's been quite a while since I was last tagged.. and this seems very interesting to complete!

Tagged by Kenny:

Instructions: Remove one question from below, add in one of your own(personal), to make a total of 20. Tag 10 people in your list in the end of this post. Notify them.

1. At what age do you wish to be married?

Hmm no solid plans as for now. Perhaps towards the end of my 20's.. I don't know. I am inexperienced in this matters (so many ppl might say that's so early larrrr.. then I mah follow opinion lor.. unless my heart urges me strongly)

2. If you were to be stranded on a deserted island, who are the 3 blog buddies you'd take and why?

Hahahha! I love this question in a way.

No.1: Kenny Yeoh Keat Keng. He's a very resourceful person, calm in face of danger or crisis, has experience surviving in jungle, trustworthy, and a very good friend! He'll greatly increase the possibility of surviving.

No.2: Kwan Wai Loon. He is able to come up with briliant ideas at the most uncalled for times (despite his looks.. and behaviour.. hahaha!) Hidden deep deep deep deeeep inside him, wisdom. LOL maybe not that deep lar. .ahahah! Besides, he is a very entertaining person. And a very good friend! And with kenny and me, we can create some super cool martial arts to be left in the Island.... hahahah!

No.3 hhmm blog buddies. I'm torn between two choices. So, for the sake of it, Su-lyn! Cuz I can have someone to bully till I die. or we were rescued. hhhmmm lol!

3. Where is the place that you want to go the most?

Heaven, at the end of my life's journey, although I might be unworthy. LOL! Or if within this lifetime, outer space, to gaze upon Earth.

4. If you can have 1 dream come true, what would it be?

Everyone will be able to overcome their evil desires and work together for the betterment of the world. I.e world peace =)

5. Do you believe you can survive without money?

Yes. Just planting food and rearing animals.. living a carefree (unless disaster strikes) life.

6. What are you afraid to lose the most?

People whom I love. My precioussss

7. If you win $ 1 Million, what would you do?

First of all, belanja my friends and family. Give a part to charity and/or wildlife conservation fund. The rest, keep in bank and then start researching about invesment...

8. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?

Love.. not truly sure what is that as of now. So if I see someone I am attracted to, I guess it's time to gather my courage and confess (haiya so old d still so timid.. sigh)

9. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.

Good person. Ok, to be more precise, responsible, trustworthy, understanding

10. What requirement you wish from your other half?

Love me. erm.. other than that, understanding. All other requirements should be covered if she really loves me. I guess ><

11. What kind of person you hate the most?

Liars, manipulative, judegmental people who ironically don't look at their own faults, irrational people who forces their believes down my throat. Violent people who resort to violence and larger number to overcome you to get things their way.

12. If you are given the chance to go back to the past and make a difference, will you?

Hmm I don't know. On one hand, there's much good that can be done. On the other, it's unwise to tamper with the past, for you do not know how the course of history will be altered. So.. I guess no.

13. What is your most embarrasing moment in your entire life?

LOL can't think of the most embarrasing.. my mind automatically hides it. okok just give an example lar.. hhmm.. there was once I couldn't get through the LRT station.. and I was talking to the staff there.. I couldn't hear what she was saying so I spoke loudly to her to speak louder.. and then she asked me, with an annoyed face, to take off my headphones.. LOL I totatly forgot about the headphones... so I must have talked to her rather loudly all along lol!

14. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?

I guess.. family and friends kua.

15. If there's ever a war(or things that are similar) happening in your place, are you going to move to a safer place, or fight?

It depends for what the war was fought. So far, most of the wars in history are fought for the selfish wants of humans. If possible, move to a safer place, unless I am forced to fight to protect my family.

16. If you have the chance, which part of your character you would like to change?

Ohh.. maybe.. my moody behaviour which comes at the most... random times. I can't help it no matter what I do.. so..

17. Who is the person that you can share all your problems with?

My friends kua...

18. What's your weakest point?

Study wise - Lack of determination, focus

Life wise - Too laidback and content

19. If you can choose to be talented in one field, what would it be?

hahha I edited this question... hmm.. I will say, talent in painting. Cuz it is the easiest, no need practise, can earn money if very good at it, and can use my free time to pursue other stuff I like.. hahaha!

20. What is the one thing you regret most?

Wah.. very hard to answer lar...Need too long time to think, for my memories are hidden deep.. So for now, err no answer. LOL. Everything I have experienced has made me... me. okok.. to satisfy your curiosity, not working hard enough in my university life, not going all out and experience my life.

kk.. that's the end of it.. anyways, for some reason, whenever I am mentioned in question 2, I am expected to build a boat and get them to safety.. T__T. Such high hopes indeed. hahaha! Apalah...

And thus, the lucky bloggers are: Ian Kirk, Su-Lyn, Denise, Joanne, Michelle Khaw, Yoong Kang

The rest are already tagged.

Funny Pictures

Friday, 21 March 2008

I meant to share these funny pictures some time ago but never got about to post them up. Anyways, here they are. More can be found here

Happy mood

Here are some pictures, of the sky again.. cuz I didn't go out much.. you should be able to tell by now, that Jun Xue has little social life. yes. I sometimes don't see my housemates for days. I am becoming a loner more and more.. hahaha
Oh, I should have tried out my camera's picture effect.. like black and white. or that.. yellow colour.. ugh... sepia...

Woo cool effects

Becoming a geek actually.. lol. Anyways, concerning my final year project.. (I can hear many of you sigh... ) Got some consistent results, but it seems like there is little changes. Only 2 regions (if I consider the ATR results). So... in a way.. not fantastic news, cuz got less to write in my report. However, I'll talk to my supervisor and see what he has to say about it. Maybe it's time to start writing the report... I've got.. almost one and a half month left. (and 2 other assignments, as well as my studies, neglected.. )

That's what holidays are for ladies and gentlemen.. to catch up on your studies. T__T

After PMR, holidays never meant much to me... until now. I realised.. the importance of it. LOL!

Oh I've finished Gundam Seed... hhhmmm... so.. that's all. Nice ending to it. I've actually watched the sequel before I watched it.. ahha...

Ok. That's all. March bravely to the future.

A post

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Early today morning, I got a call from Motorola HR (malaysia wan.. hahaha) informing me that I'm slated for an interview on second april, which woke me up from my sleep... nvm... fortunately I was able to get back to sleep.. then about half an hour later, I got another call informing me that it's been postponed one day later, after which I couldn't sleep and just rolled around on my bed, going to the lab an hour later then what I planned to. Darn.

And then on my way there, I got a telephone interview by PWC Malaysia over a poor line connection and noisy environment. Sigh. Thankfully, I wasn't that keen about PWC actually (I hope they didn't see this.. ahahha)

And then, I tried again and again and again to prevent air bubles from forming in the liquid sampling cell for the FTIR. Darn. wasting my time only. Anyways, seems like there isn't much change in the absorbance, except for one little region. So, I'm gonna try using the ATR equipment tmrw, by using some blue tack to prevent the lubricant from sipping out. I am not certain that I'll get good results from it, cuz the top plate isn't the proper one for liquid samples. Hhhmmm... gotta make appointment with my supervisor too....

Hmmm. Ohhh, my first time frying bacon with leek turned out to be pretty good. I guess you can't go wrong with something so simple(yet uber delicious... maybe I was just too hungry)

buzu buzu buzu....

No title

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Hello people. No pictures this time, feeling tired and lazy and there isn't any particular nice pictures.

Anyways, officially, the Easter "Break" has started. Well, I spent the whole day and yesterday night relaxing.. I guess that's break for me. I don't dare to let myself really relax cuz.. I will need time to start the engine back.. anyways, spent most of the time at home watching Gundam Seed, Final Fantasy 7, and plainly.. relaxing?

I guess.. to a certain extent.. not using my brain is relaxing.. hahahah! Tmrw tmrw... what will tmrw bring. Monday, I shall start to go back to work on my Final Year Project. Gotta start my other assignments too. Sigh.. busy busy... Not much time left, but, yet.. still a long way to go in a way. Hmm... I wonder, and I think.

Anyways, thre are signs of spring arriving. I can't wait to see the new green leaves on the trees. Very refreshing! I look forward to the thunderclouds and heavy rain too =)

Hmm what else. Oh I received a birthday present for Wai Tuck! hahahh all the way from Malaysia... lol.. what did I do to recieve such good friends huh... I hope I won't dissapoint you all lol! It got my spirit to exercise back up. Well, I really gotta find some way to train my torso and quadriceps. My body is starting to look... weird.. arm/deltoid muscles too big... others.. skinny like a stick. hahaha!

Orkayz.. what more random update about my life... ohhh I finally cooked my dried chillie chicken after so long. This time, simply cooked but turned out to be quite fine. Tmrw... gotta..stock up on my chocolate and biscuit stock, as well as get bleach for my shirt. And make appointment with Doctor.

I want to sleep soon... at the very least, I hope to get sufficient sleep out of this holiday.

Nine minutes.. nine more minutes before the download completes and I shut down my computer to sleep. Long nice sleep.. I look forward to it. zzzzzzz

*yawn... (as you would have realised, most of what I am writing is just to pass my time... hahaha)

I gotta cook more vegetables.. not enough fibre. Oh my shopping list for tmrw (just to blog for funhahah)

2)Chinese Vege
7)mint... er... something.. for the lamb.. hahaha
10) Eggs from Yafai

itu saja.

Ohh now that it's holidays, gonna try cook some better stuff. I am sure I will use up all my stocks from malaysia once the deadlines come near.. so.. no canned food for me now

oohh Maybe I should make some jelly.. aih.. so long d hven't made any.

89%.. come on.. download faster.

What else... yea.. I am very interested about Malaysia politics, but I never blogged about it. Strange, I always talk a lot about.. life... and ... human behaviour... when I'm with friends, (certain.. friends) and I enjoy that a lot, but I never blog about it as well. hhhmm... maybe cause this blog is open to everyone. Or maybe my views change a lot over time. As you talk to more people, you see things in a different light, get new input, and more stuff to digest. But I find that at the end of the day, most of the questions remained unaswered.. however, I get more information and to a certain extent, understanding of it.


Now... I am listening to Ta De Jie Mao by Jay .translated literally: Her eyelashes


Maybe I'll blog about my views on Malaysian politics next time... lol... feel like an old person lar.. talking bout that... usually all the uncle-uncle talk about it.. and bitch about the government. hahaha! Well i guess they have the right to it.. they have been through much more than me. Here I am, not even graduated from University... talking crap about everything. Eh.. finish d..

Thus ends this aimless entry. Hope you enjoyed it. If you didn't, too bad. I have just wasted some time of your life here on Earth. hahaha... farewell!

I'm off

Monday, 10 March 2008

Well here it goes. Enough preperation? I am not certain of all the preperation I could do so I have no idea. Even so, I don't think there's adequate preperation. I can only pray and hope for the best. This shall mark the beginning, not the end. More will come.

I guess I'll just have to trust myself to come up with some answers when the questions are thrust upon me.

Ja ne!

Birthday Pictures + Random pics

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Hello People! These are some of the b'day photos I got from my friends. ERmm.. nothing much.. see my neat short hair.. ahhaha!


Making wish ^^
With Hariz
Beauty and the....
Walk towards the light!
erm.. light?

Summer-like picture!
Nice or not?
Random photos in the lab.... taken while waiting for the spectrometer to scan
The lab...
There's a few more b'day photos.. will post once I got it from my friend.. and.. I guess that's all =)

Short Update

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Hello people. I've just celebrated my 21st B'day hehe. Well no super grand celebration ( I still dont' really get why 21st b'day is so important actually.. but I just like the number =) but lots of people turned up! yay... everyone was having fun so I'm happy as well ^^

Yea yea... It's fun to not organise your own b'day. No need to worry about the guests, or anything else.. just be happy can d.. muahahhaha! Thanks guys for organising!

Ermm.. no pictures.. I had a tiring day and forgot my camera.. only took a picture of the super cool icecream with my camera phone.. hahah! Forgot to have a picture with everyone.. i guess all I'll have is just memories to reminisce after travelling life's long winding road.

Anyways, these few days I feel so tired for no reason.. lol... gonna get some rest soon and go to lab again tmrw to run more tests, and to guide the 2 Form six students on how to use the spectrometer. My clothing now stink of lubricant.. It seems like the smell won't go away even after I aired it... hhmmm.

Well that's it I guess. Oh, I've just reached Junon.. now thinking if I should get Yuffie or not.. hahah.. darn I should stop reading the walkthrough. But I wanna get the cool materias!
Nvm. I'll try to relax and make it an interesting journey ^^


Hello people

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Hello people. No updates, cuz busy with many things. And about the spectrometer, if anyone of you are actually interested, apparently does no need liquid nitrogen. It's in the maintenence manual, but it's for the general equipment.. the liquid nitrogen thing is an add-on thing.. and I actually spoiled the cap trying to open it. LOL! But I pasted it all back to place liow, with lots of help from the friendly lab assistant.

Anyways, now it seems to be consistently failling the system suitability check. Gotta run more tests on Monday, then meet my supervisor as soon as possible. Aihness.. no? And oh I couldn't find the correct product number.. so I am reduced to guessing the material of the liquid cell window. Not really important actually.. but.. nevetheless..

Alright, Nuff of the boring stuff. The good stuff. I FINALLY STARTED FF VII again! Yay.. just started on Friday night.. after so long.. so long didn't play games liow.

FUn fun.. hehe.. Erm.. what else.. oh yea.. tmrw's a special day... My Birthday! I feel so unashamed announcing this to the world and hoping that everyone will give me presents. LOL just joking..
And oh, I finally realised the fun and importance of not having to plan your own b'day celebration. LOL!

Erm what else. Oh I cut my hair. Looks ok, so not gonna post pictures.

Besides that, nothing really interesting happening in my life. No joyous occasion or incident to talk about.

Oh.. my left ear hurts. DUnno why.. especially when I try to dig it. darn..

That's all folks!

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