Pictures from Cornwall trip!

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Hello hello!

As promised, the pictures from my Cornwall Trip! Unfortunately most of the pictures are at my friends camera. He has a DSLR so... I let him do the picture taking. That's the reason the absolutely stunning beach next to Minack theatre is not here.. but if you do go to Cornwall, I highly recommend that place!

This is where we stayed! We rented a house which is waayy cool.. it even has a small pond with fishes!! It's right in the middle of no where... because the roads are usally lined with tall hedges we couldn't really see where we were going.. we just trusted the GPS!
Anyways, the inside of the house is absolutely beautiful as well! Feels so homely!

Played some board games!
The beach near Lyme Regis! We went there to look for.. fossils.. but... found none!? It was a long walk ... and we took a hike to another beach where there's supposed to be more fossil but ... din't really find many.... although the ones the sell in the shop are impressive! I bought one.. might take a picture and post it someday... to think of those fossils that were preserved for MILLIONS of years!? GENGZ.

Sukh posing!

This pigeon build it's nest INTO GODDAM STONE AND MORTAR!! How cool is that.

Oh after that, we stopped by St. Michael's Mount!! Which is one of the coolest thing ever! It's basically...a fort? Complete with it's garden and shit... on an island that is accesible by foot when the tide is low! So at high tide it's a island... Gengz!

We where there at high tide
Keat and I took a boat to the island... we where there at the wrong time! I wanted to walk to the island!

Finally! Land's End! The Westernmost point on the UK (except Ireland lol)

It's absolutely beautiful!
That's the Atlantic Ocean!!!!

Oh yeah.

And then I saw this warning sign. lol

Anyways, the other stuff we did are, we tried to go to a farm and... pick fruits and have them for lunch but we were out of luck because the fruits haven' yet. So, instead, we had very posh tea with Scones and clotted cream and absolutely fantastic jam! Damn it was good!!! I can't describe how good it was and how nice it felt.. you just have to be there!

Erm.. i guess that's it.. I can't be bothered to write more description lol. Until next time!

I'm back!

Monday, 24 August 2009

Hello everyone!

Yes I'm alive!

Now, a summary of what's happened in my life lately:
1)It's almost a year since i've started working!
2) I went on my first business trip!
3) I visited Italy for the first time!
4) I visited Cornwall for the first time!
5) I will be visiting Scotland for the first time in September!
6) I'm still building muscle very slowly!
7) This year's summer really felt like summer!!!

Ok, more description/photos to follow soon!

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