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Monday, 30 June 2008

Now that Yee Huai's piano is in Barry's room I can now practise To Zanarkand and other simple songs. My notes reading skills haven't improved at all.. I still depend very much on guessing which key and just jamming my fingers on it.

Anyway, I still couldn't find my facial wash (Which I now use to clean stuff like my laptop's keyboard and monitor because of it's high alchohol content)

Hmm, what else, I think my eyesight got worse liow. Too much of starring at my computer I guess. And oh, I finally progressed in FFVII. Just finished the Temple of Ancients part. Time to see Aerith die T____T.


Friday, 27 June 2008

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Walking Trip in Sheffield

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Before Wang Ang left, we finally had a walking trip together, to somewhere in Low Bradfield ( I think). These are some of the pictures I took.


me and James

Wang Ang and James

Flower or Fruit?

I'm Back!

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Hello people!

Sorry for the overdue update again. Well, although I should have lots of free time after the examinations, there were still quite a bit of things to take care off. Things like my new accommodation in Reading, my parent's trip here, my work permit/visa, cleaning the house, etc etc. These little things keep gnawing at the back of my mind so I couldn't really no think about anything and just relax. Heck, I haven't bought the bus tickets to and from London and book a place in Lake District. ARGH screw that lar.. I shall do that tomorrow night.

Anyhow, enough of stories about the boring stuff which I have to do. Let me take my mind of all that. I shall start with this picture below. Yes, it's a picture of a crabs pincers! CRABS! One of my favorite food. Although it was a bit tough (overcooked, I think), but it still smelt very good. YUMMY. Courtesy of Yee Huai.

Next up, this little building hidden somewhere near Hicks building, is the venue for my last paper, biomechanics. YES, this is waaay overdue, but better late then never. =)

This, is the picture of the brunch we had in Wong Ting. DIM SUM! Right after the final paper. Finally, some proper food! (Samuel, you might wanna skip this post altogether, if it is really making you fat T__T)

Dunno what this is, but tastes good with vinegar!
Forgot something pao. Look! So shiny!
Yvonne and HER friend (sorry mate, forgot your name ahha). They went to Ibiza, Spain for a four day trip. *Envy
Bright light :)
Cloudy, dark day
View from Yein Shiang's new place. Groovy!
More pictures of the sky =)
Flat flowers. LOL!
This, ladies and gentlemen, is a picture of KAYA! Yes, kaya in Sheffield. Yee Huai's friend brought it over from Singapore. Although it isn't the best I've ever had, but it's been such a while since I last had some I can't help but to snap a picture. (yea yea... the blogger syndrome has set in. )
On Thursday night, I went to Dan's place to have a dinner with all the ex-committee. It was a vegetarian meal, but it was quite a unique experience to me. He made up some of the recipes (inspired by a dream he claimed!) and others were.. Mediterranean-ish. Unfortunately, I had a bit of red wine before the meal and due to my poor tolerance, I felt like puking throughout the evening and tried hard to resist that. So, I couldn't really savor the meal =(.
Cous cous with parsley

Salad. Promegranate, pineapple, lime, err.. mint, olive oil, and something I can't remember.
The pot of, curry I think, he made himself. Groovy. ( Well, it tasted like curry to me, but not spicy) He used, sweet potatoes, spinach, bell pepper, etc. (I sincerely hope Dan doesn't mine me sharing [incompletly,] his recipes.)
These are pickled lemon. New to me, but i didn't dare to try T__T
Something.. oh, Bell pepper, chillies, paste? nice~
This is the dessert. Baclava, filled with almond, pistachio, and bread. Drenched in lime syrup. Yummy.
That's a pot of mint tea.
This is the view downhill. It's really steep! Ran out of breathe walking up T__T. (Click to magnify, the long straight road doesn't look so nice here)
View of Sheffield.

Anyhow, I'm downloading Age of Mythology to play with James (and others, hopefully). The two of us concluded that games played in cooperation with friends are best (or those with nice story lines, like final fantasy ^^). Hopefully, this shall inject some excitement into our somewhat dull holidays. T__T

Oh, initially, we planned to go for a walk in the Peaks with Wang Ang before he leaves for China, but unfortunately, he couldn't make it pulak. T__T. What else what else, oh, Tad Song's cousin is here.

Allright people, I shall now train Cloud a bit before continuing the quest to get the Keystone and save the world from Sephiroth. Till next update!


Saturday, 14 June 2008

Sometimes, you just don’t see it even though it’s right in front of you. A solution so simple. Thinking out of the box is very important indeed. On the other hand, one should always be grateful for what others have done for you. It’s so easy to forget past kindness and focus on present happiness of yourself. Look too far into the future and you shall stumble over today. Learning from mistakes is important, so is swallowing your own pride.


Friday, 13 June 2008




yeshh....... and my last paper was MCQ. MUAHAHAHHAH!!!
ALl i can do now is just wait for the results to come out in about 2 weeks time. After that, that's it. A new chapter in my life. But for now, for today and next 2 days at least, I just wanna relax and not think about anything. Oh yeah. After so long... finally... relax.. don't hink about stuff i have to do. Don't care don't care!

Study study faint.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

A few more days to go. Three to be exact. Then, it shall all be over.

Nowadays, I feel faint or not enough oxygen in my room, especially in the evening. Unlike my old room, I can't make the window open wide using the aluminium strut I have because it's too high up T__T.

These days, the sky is all blue; Can't even find a wisp of cloud drifting by. It's really nice weather ^^. Beautiful sunshine.

All right, back to work. Revise revise. I shall persevere!


Sunday, 8 June 2008

Things I'm passionate about:

1)Martial Arts
2)Nature (esp. the sky)
3)Final Fantasy =)
7)Talking with friends

8 things I say too often:

4)I think
6)Ya meh?

8 books I've read recently:

1)The last book of harry potter
2)The Return of the King
3)Lubrication and lubricant
4)Introduction to Infrared Spectroscopy
5)Internal Reflection Spectroscopy
6)Spectroscopic analysis
7)Lubrication in operation
8)Laboratory methods for Infrared Spectroscopy T__T

8 songs I could listen to over and over again:

1)I don't wanna miss a thing
2)Black Balloon
4)You're still the one
5)Succession of Witches
6)Find your way
7)The Greatest View
8)Go the Distance

8 things I learnt for the past year:

1)Being too stressed makes your mind unable to function
2)Book flight tickets more than 3 months before the date
3)Be thankful for what I have
4)I don't know how my future career's gonna be
5)Less moody, or occurrence of periods where i feel depressed
6)Humans need to interact with others to maintain a good mental health. LOL
7) I've learnt a lot about infrared spectroscopy and lubricant monitoring
8)there are still lots of stuff to improve

8 people i tag:

2)Kenny Yeoh
4)Wai Loon
5)Yong Kang
6)Ester Toh
7)Soo Shan
8)Sin Mei


Friday, 6 June 2008

Hello everyone!

Hhahaha it's really been a long while since I last updated. Sorry sorry... was busy with exams and all. (I still have two more papers on 11th and 13th June). Anyways, I booked my flight ticket a bit late so I shall be spending less time in Malaysia (most likely gua... ). I'm actually thinking of just not going bakc.. save some money... hhmmm ><

Okok some more cheerful news. I extended my phone contract and at the same time bought a memory card for my hand phone for quite a good price (I think, and hope haha). So now, I have 2gb of storage! Yay! Anyways, here are some pictures.

The memory card. So small wan. Lol

A picture of the arts tower. Actually, that ain't mist, it's rain. Very fine droplets of rain.

More rainy day pictures.

The Royal Holiday Inn hotel. Interview there. Nice place lol. Should have went in to take more pics.

FOOD. The er.. guh.. English breakfast? Nice ^^

My friend's housemate's hamster. It bit me!

Happily looking at me =.=

Happy Wei Jin and Eating Yee Huai. Lol. They cooked dinner, and I just ate for free. Muahhah!

Wei Jin's roast duck and.. that.. ugh. can't remmber name. Cous Cous

Sainsbury selling buddha head! lol

The following pictures were taken in Botanical Gardens. Seems like different species of flowers bloom at different times. Some flowers had already withered.

White flowers

Training spot^^

FOOD! At a italian restaurant on West Street. I was wearing my pajamas. ahha! Went there when my brother arrived in Sheffield the second time.

It's actually veal. Nice! (but quite tough)


Clouds and light.

That's it ladies and gentlemen. More updates to come later.. not much stories.. well actually got. But now that it's 3.20 in the morning, I shall leave it for another time. Ja!

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