Thursday, 31 January 2008


It's over!

No more exams till May/June. phew.... I really worked hard this time.. YEOSHHH! Now, I can only wait for the results.. hehe.

Hmm.. actually I wanted to write a lot but now I seemed to be at lost of words. (I thought I had lots of photos too.. apparently not lol)
Hmm I'll add the Imeem application later.. ahh.. there was lots of stuff which I planned to do after examinations.. phew... but now, I'm just relaxing.. gotta get some sleep soon, not enough sleep Sigh. Erm.. what else.. this is fast becoming a boring post.

I guess.. I just don't feel hyper after exams.

OHHHH I remmeber liow. During this examinations period, I realised something new about myself. I get hyper when I drink coffee. It made me wanna run around and just move.. hahaha! Not very good... I think I'm pretty hyperactive when I was young.. or maybe, still am. HHMMM I wanna practise dancing ar.. anyone gonna go clubbing soon?

OOHH i saw Su Ann in the examination hall today.. she was invigilating. Hhahah should have told me eariler.. thne you can pass me some notes during exams.. muahahhaha!!!

Anyways.. I'll think about what I wanna do now.. I feel like sleeping aactually.. tired... *yawns.
But I wanna game also. LOL! Suddenly, comics and drama and anime don't seem so attractive compared to when I was revising. hhhhmm...

Anyways, I'll try to blog more later. Sorry lar, no pictures.. I've holed myself up in my room for quite some time to study already... And no b'day celebration whatsover.. OOHH Chinese New Year is coming.. hmm I still haven't think of any dishes to cook..

OOHh I remembered something else to write. Barry and James cooked dinner for me for the past 2 days! hahaha Thanks man.... I'll return the favour. Oh.. forgot bout Tad Song's bah kut teh.. hehehe...

Kklar.. better end this post before I fall asleep in front of my comp.. See you!

My feeling now.


Friday, 25 January 2008

I didn't know that winds could be so strong:

A short story

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Hello people. Vibration is driving me nuts.. kinda... hhmm tmrw's the last day to prepare.. I hope this term's paper won't be very hard with all the tricky questions etc... lol.. one can only pray.

Anyways, next few weeks gonna be buuzzzyyyyy... exams here and there.. argh.

Below are some pictures I taken lately but never had the chance to post"

Things you do when you are bored
It's Mount Zion! Reminds me of The Matrix.. lol
Turned out to be blurry.... lol..

I'll be back!

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Ughh.. I tried updating some photos but there seemed to be some sort of error..*grumble grumble..

ARNyways... Erm.. no pictures = no stories. Oh yea, I ate some expired mooncake. It seems like I survived (and thus unfortunately, still have to sit for my examinations) without even having any stomache. This proves the superiority of my theory of "if it smells good and tastes good, it is good" over common sense.

Well what else, I found the help files for the software and so I need not go to the lab for now. Today, I got the missing dll file and hopefully, I might be able to run the software without installing it properly.

I'm gonna meet with my supervisor tommorow (hopefully) so wish me luck. Suxxors, haven't really thought about what to discuss with him, besides the completed viscometer comparison matrix and the tiny bit of information i got about the software, and about why we use 4-20mA signals to transmit data T__T. Ugh.. I gotta do some research on the ADAC PCI Data acquisition board and how to use it to get data from the 4-20mA signals.. ugh.. WHY DO I NEED TO LEARN ELECTRONICS STUFF! I HATE E & E Engineering! Darn... *grumble grumble

Oh yea, I might not update for the next two weeks... gonna concentrate on my studies till I die studying or survive the exams. Hopefully former ^^""

Hmm.. time to start doing past year papers.


Friday, 11 January 2008

Just watched Ratatoile. (dunno how to spell.. haha) Well.. I kinda expected it to be better somehow. hhmmm.

Anyways, I just found out that I can't install the software on my comp, for the FTIR equipment. So, I have to go to the (noisy, stinky) lab to try use the software next time. Suxxors.. why do they have to use Windows NT technology, and make it unable to run on my windows! Celaka ....

So no new pictures. Today's pretty cold. The landlord just came, to let some air off the radiators and to check the shower. It's been giving problem lately... now, it won't stop heating unless we shut off power supply to it... or else it will keep heating the water till it blows up... swt.

Well, that is better than no heating at all.. hhmm I shall take a bath after this, and then start studying liow. lalala~~ study till 5 am again... cuz i am only productive after 12 midnight (or wasting about 6 hours.. which ever occurs first)

Ja ne

No updates

It's been a while since my last update. Well everytime I visit my blog (which I do a few times a days..T__T) I saw buttercup's message.. I should't be spending time here.. which got me right back to work (or, staring at the stuff without anything entering my brain cuz my mind is elsewhere.. it's hard to control man.. HARD)

So ... this is not really an update. hahah! Lazy to find photos to post here, and I did not take any photos recently as well. I've been staying in my room all these while.

On another note, I just found out that something is missing.. I only remember putting it into my bag and I definitely did not take it out of my bag since I came back.. so theoretically it should still be inside. Darn. This kinda stuff always happens to me. DANG... I hope I took it out again before I came back home. it should be.. SHOULD BEEE>>>>>

Anyways, time to do more reading. This sem's exams is more about memorising everything. Thus, GO JUN XUE"S BRAIN!!!! ABSORB EVERYTHING!

Ja ne


Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Concentrate Jun Xue! You can do it! Keep going! Don't think! Just do it!

Some stories

Monday, 7 January 2008

Hello people!
I tried using the spectrometer today.. quite a neat stuff. Something funny happened as well. All these while, whenever I imagined using the spectrometer, I would see a red laser light passing through the sample in the spectrometer. Then, as I was setting it up, it suddenly occured to me that human eyes can't see infrared radiation... T__T"

Anyways, here are two photos I took. I hadn't the mood to take the railway while I was on my way there, and when I returned home, it was already too dark.

It's so blueeee... One day I must try to use the photoshop to edit pics.
Nice light.
Anyways, I watched a few movies lately.
Blood diamond - Nice movie. Erm.. that's all I'll say =)
Flash Point - Nice action movie! Especially Donnie Yen's back slam! (erm.. dunno the name for it.. i think it's German Suplex? arr whatever) It's good to see some mix martial arts too! Especially those grappling moves! Story also not bad...
Fatal Contact - Again, nice action movie. Lots of action. The story also quite good! Nice nice!
Fighter in the Wind - Not bad movie, based on a famous karate master.
So if you guys want to watch martial arts movie, try the last three =)

First snow!

Friday, 4 January 2008

It's the first time snowing this year! I feel like it's snowing later and later... GLOBAL WARMING!

Nah.. Anyways, here are the pictures of the first snow this winter, in January. However, it's only very light snow, very small biji. T__T

View from my room
In front of house
Ok that is all. This Monday I gotta go Beighton again, to try use the Spectrometer. After that, I think I will do a little more work concerning my final year project, and then just concentrate on studies. YEOSH!
Tonight must try to finish reading tribology.
Jaa ne

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