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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Ara suddenyl I see Hao Shen post something on the chatbox!?

Back from Sibu/Kuching trip for Mark's wedding. Nice meet up, but spend too much time discussing "sam si" lol... not a very adventurous/active trip but it was nice to meet up with everyone again. One of the highlights must be seeing Fung jumping up and down in excitment meeting us in the airport... and the beautiful sky that evening.

Wedding was nice... suddenly felt like everyone's grown up... but, I've definitely become much less sentimental loh..Just thinking of the present, and a bit of the future.

And I will always remember the first time I felt cold in Malaysia in my life (not in the mountains/hills.. it was next to the river in Kuching!).. it was raining that night, and after 1.30 a.m. me and Mark walk down to get some instant noodles (the night before we leave). When the wind blew, I actualyl shivered and felt cold! So unusual, but nice!

Lots to type and too lazy to post pics as usual. Work lately has been quite stressful, partly my own undoing also lah, but boss hasn't been too kind... everyone's always too busy at site.

Shame I got too much to do and have to leave in December... sometimes the work makes me feel like I'm glad I'll be leaving in December but there's so much I'll be leaving behind here......

There, an update!

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