Monday, 12 May 2008

Hello, I'm back. Thanks to the praises about my pictures, I feel so proud that I decided to post a few more. muahahha!
Anyways, the other visitor centre is this:

Upper Derwent visitor centre

Fairholmes, Bamford, Hope Valley S33 0AQ

So.. it's Hope Valley.. go check it out.. I plan to go there with my housemates after I graduated.. perhaps spend a night there. Anyone is welcome to join! (subject to house mate's approval)

And, according to my wise friend Yvonne, the smell i didn't like in the Bakewell pudding is the almond they put in it. Strangely, I like almond usually.. but dislike the almond drink or.. anything in cake. Or maybe I just don't like almond. @@

In a totally unrelated topic, my slippers is starting to smell like wet dog, and the smell is getting on my feet. I guess it's because it's often wet. Time to change sandals. I really wear out my sandals and shoes pretty quickly.

Nice peaceful valley.

Cute lambs wary of the big ram. Notice the cute black white stripes on their legs!

My brother traversing the green pastures of Bakewell

*I like the last picture.. muahahah!

Trip to the Peaks

Hellooooo everyone! It has been a while since my last update. Well, last weekend my brother came to Sheffield, and we went around the city a bit and then to Peak District. I've posted quite a bit of pictures here for people who didn't add me in Facebook.. the few other pictures can be found there. I shall try to add in bits of narration here and there so as to not bore some of the readers who are just too lazy to read what I typed. Without further ado, let me spin my tale, of my adventures to the Peaks.

Long long time ago...
No wait. Before that, some pictures from around Sheffield.

I noticed this strange arch atop of some building on West Street. Seemed to be a part of a long forgotten balconey. Groovy.Flowers! Joanne, here they are! SIGNS OF LIFE! OF SPRING! HAPPINESS! (sounds so forced). Taken in Botanical gardens.

MOAR flowers.. in city centre.

All right, trip to the Peaks. We left in the morning, and decided to go to Bakewell first before heading towards someplace north... near a reservoir (sorry, too lazy to find the name.. there's a tourist information there). AND THEN! We found out that there's no way to get there straight from Bakewell. Thus, we had to forgo our plan to go there.. where the scenery seemed to be much more beautiful, with gorgeous gorges, flowing water, fantastic limestone jutting out from the ground, as if carved by trolls (yea yea exaggerating here.. we only saw the pictures in maps actually). But anyways, moving on, Bakewell!

The "main street" in BakeWell.. called.. market street or water street me thinks.
The famous original Bakewell pudding shop.. We tried one, but.. wasn't to my liking. I don't like that particular fruit they put in it... but actually, it isn't way too sweet.
Yum yum!

Teddy bear!

We saw lots of motorbikes there.. those cool ones like this, or sporty looking ones.. unlike those kapcai motorbike in malaysia

Bridge in Bakewell..lol

A goose. I just noticed the poor lighting.. but couldn't be helped anyway.. flash might startle it.
Eating cheese from my brother's hand. Damn carnivores! We saw them chasing another goose which wandered into it's teritorry.. got the video, but dunno how to update (read: Lazy to find out)
Yeah posing

Ahhh along the trail which we tried to take, there's lots of scenery like this. Peaceful and nice, really like those sceneries you watch in old movies set in England. Nice to have a cup of tea or lemonade with the gentle breeze whispering whilst sitting under the shades of one of those trees.

Posing with the fence. And the sheeps which are so interested in us. Maybe we ate too much lamb

See, they always smile at the camera. Lol

I noticed that the mature sheep often head butts the lambs for no apparent reason o.O
Cows! I think these produce milk, according to Mee Leng lol! They came charging at us moo-ing away for no reason until about 15 meters away. Again, maybe they sensed we ate too much beef. Lol!

Nice scnery. I couldn't capture the yellow flowers.... occasionally on the trip back, we saw fields of pure yellowness lol! Full of yellow flowers

Posing.. maybe I shouldn't post this picture lol
Long straight road

Later on, we kinda realised that perhaps we weren't actually on the hiking trail at all.. we ended up near to Chatsworth, so we thought, migth as well check it out.
I would love to try one of these.
Cute dog patiently waits for its master

Taken in Chatsworth

Resting under the shades

Chatsworth mansion. We didn't enter cause we had to take the bus home soon. There was a horse trial going on as well, but again, it costs money lol

View from across the river. Nice and peaceful eh?

Nice bridge

A church
Forgot why I took this picture.

Later on, we decided to walk on the way to Sheffield and catch the bus there cause we had to wait another hour or so before the bus arrives.

That was to be our next adventure.
Actually, this is someone's private property. The rather eccentric looking gentleman living here shooed us off politely. I guess Cupola is his last name hahaha!

We walked and walked and walked. Saw a few bus stops but decided to continue walking because we were still way ahead of time. I think we walked for about 1 1/2 hours nonstop after leaving Chatsworth. Before that, we kept on walking all the time too o.O I was quite tired and I felt my legs feeling sore.. but we kept walking T__T

Posing with some random road sign cause there's nothing else better to do. I have totally no idea where or what Shillito Woods is.

As we were taking the last bus of the day, it was a bit worrisome that it might not turn up, especially after someone in Chatsworth farm shop told us that due to the horse trials, there might be no bus running. We really walked a lot.. in the beginning, we still walked at a leisure pace, taking pictures along the way. But after some time... we got too tired and I was starting to get a bit moody... lol

We reached on stop where the pedestrian pavement ended.. we had to walk on grass from there on. After walking about half an hour (with sore feet and no water!), we had to turn back cause there was no bus stop in sight. I was worried that the bus might not stop for us if we weren't waiting at a bus stop. So we turned back and walked another half an hour without break. Thankfully the journey back was downhill all the way. Before that, it was uphill all the way lol. There was no drinking water, and the only stream I saw didn't seem to be that clean. After that , I saw 2 dogs playing in the water.. lol.. dog flavored water is definitely not for me

AND THEN! The bus didn't turn up on time. Lol! A bit desperate, we tried to hitch hike our way home. We failed. LOL! Perhaps two chinese chaps in the middle of nowhere hoping to get a ride looks tad bit too suspicious. Maybe they even think we were escaped immates or something. (but look at me.. I'm so cute and adorable.. HOW COULD THEY!?)

Anyways, some of them gave us thumbs up as they pass us by. There were a few cyclists too. Occasionally however, there were some idiots who either gave us the finger or just shouted at us for fun. Darn fools! So guys, don't try to hitchhike in the UK. Unless you are a lady (in which case, you'd better learn some martial arts for protection lol).

Out of water and with only a few grapes and chocolate (we only had a bit of fruits for lunch), we decided to walk back to an Inn we saw on our way, near the Cupola manor, planning to either spend the night or get a cab. The thing is, we've walked for hundreds of meters and didnt' see any signs of human habitation. All i saw was empty lands and gentle rolling hills. Fortunately there was quite a bit of traffic, or I would have felt that I was lost in the wilderness and there's no way to get home T__T.

THANKFULLY, the we saw the bus on our journey back to the Inn and the driver was kind enough to stop a bit further off from a bus stop to let as get on. Perhaps he saw our desperate faces and took pity on us. Phew. And thus, we journeyed home.

Really, had it not been spring when the sun sets so late, I would have given up earlier and felt much more desperate. Erm.. so yeap.. that's the end of my story. Lol! Two more pics to end this post.

Long lonely road.

Taking a break. ^^


Sunday, 11 May 2008

Just a short update to show that my life has not ended, and this blog is still alive. I'm going to Peak district tomorrow morning with my brother, exploring that place... headache now, probably from staring at too many green stuff just now, which is good for my eyes.. hhmmm.

Anyways, shall upload pictures and stories tomorrow night hopefully. On Monday, it's time to get back to work! YOSH! See two of my house mates studying has inspired the kiasuness in me! Anyways, it's for my own good. (not so much of kiasuness, but really.. I find that staying with hardworking people motivates me to spend more time studying. (whether or not productive is another story entirely)

Allright, time to sleep.


Sunday, 4 May 2008

Suddenly, I feel so bored of writing the thesis. I've just lost the darn motivation... argh... I feel restless as well. I'm gonna take a short break, and then continue. I need to be productive. Once I get into productive mode, I'm sure I can get it done in no time... Sighz.


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