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Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Hello people. I just found out that.. I need to refill the liquid nitrogen every 4 hours of usage. So.. I guess all my previous data are useless. Tmrw, I gotta find out where to get liquid nitrogen, dessicant, and learn how to use the ATR equipment... to teach the two form six students. Sigh... Must learn how to explain this weekend.

Anyways, me, Yvonne, Yein Shiang, and Tad Song went to the Chestnut err owl and otter.. something.. park.. for a "picnic'. Predictably, it was windy and cold. LOL! Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable trip. We got to Chinley by train (I just found out that everytime I travel to manchester airport, I have to go through Peak district.. LOL) and walked all the way to the park, which took us 2 hours (it was 3 miles away.... and we walked at a languid pace, taking pictures here and there lol!) Somehow, we did not lost our way, thanks to a helpfull lady in the post office.. wow.. she's really good at giving directions!

The park was really nice.. lots of cute otters! Damn cute! Especially the asian short claw otters... and there were lots of owls too! wow.. really cool man. Anyways, enough of words, here are some of the pictures, poorly taken because I was too tired due to insufficient sleep and walking long distances.

This would have been a picturesque sight in summer

Don't let the picture fool you, those Victorian era bridges are really huge and over-engineered!
Walking happily.. lol!
Large expanse of land

Notice the circle of trees in the middle of flat land.. I wonder what's there...

Beautiful cloud and sunlight
Bright light shinning through the clouds
A rare picture of myself..

Poor creatures... these guys are really friendly though
Cute little guys.. lol!
I like this photo a lot!

Long way home...

There's light!
Eating fish
This guy tried swimming into the pipe.. lol!
The cool owls... They stay so still and look so wise. lol!
A Tree.

Golden sunset
Craps. I noticed that some of the pictures are out of order. Darn.. I can only upload 5 pictures at a time.. oh well. Time to sleep. Till next time!

boring post

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Hmm.. the Spectrometer is giving me weird results (and headache). AND I just realised that it should have been serviced... like.. 4 years ago. WTH. Well the peaks are at the same places.. but the overall transmittance is strange... Argh... how ar how ar how ar how ar how ar....

Good grief... will I kenna marah from my supervisor? All these while I tot the results are acceptable. but now.. Sigh. Is it too late to get a new one? Sigh.. how will I get around this problem.... I need to get good grades for my FYP!

Unexpected things always happen to me. Things I expected and planned for, never comes true. Isn't it weird? Worse, i hate it when things don't go as planned...

Hmmm on another note, I still can't get rid of my bad habits, strenghten my discipline. Why am I like that? I can already imagine the response... you have to change yourself! There's so much to change... I feel like a failure in many sense. Whatever it is, I am just not good enough.. unable to live up to expectations.

Rant rant rant*

When I look at this post, I know I will be asked to think positive. Sigh.. that's taking away my freedom to complain. This is a viscious cycle.

*shuts himself from the world to escape into fantasy

Winter and Spring

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Hello people!

Just when I wanted to post an entry about Spring is here, flowers blooming, birds chirping, green leaves...

Yea Look at that clear blue sky.. The sky's been clear for a few days liow
Beautiful sunset.
When, as if to prove me wrong, the weather suddenly changed. -8C in the middle of the night. Today morning, I was greeted with frost and mist when I woke up. The next few days are gonna be quite cold too, if the weather forecast is correct. Mind you, all the whiteness in the pictures below are frost, not snow!

Wah.. such poor visibility

Frost frost frost.

I like this picture. All the branches are covered with frost, making them whitish. (well.. if you look closely)

Anyways, today marked the first time I destroyed someone's pot T__T. I was cooking some congee and I left the fire on too long (I was making a call mar.. I thought very fast one.. lol)

The whole pot became black. The rice was burnt black lol. Well.. now I'm just soaking it in hot water.. hopefully it will come off in a few days (according to shifu james). Erm.. I still haven't found out to whom the pot belong too. Probably Tad Song.. lol!

Well what other random stuff.. oh yea... I suddenly had an inspiration to cook beef (or any meat, for the matter) with vinegar! I saw one big unused bottle.. lol... vinegar with raw fish? Ohh I cooked beef noodles again... quite nice, but still similiar to the one I cooked last time (although I tweaked the recipe a bit). Hmm.. I am wondering how do they cook the kind of beef noodles where they use thin slices of beef... I can't imagine how they make the soup. The kind of dark brownish soup... well.. I can't really describe the taste here.. lol!

Anyways, gotta go now.

Ja ne

My life in Sheffield

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Well, first of all, my specs broke! All of the sudden.... Fortunately, I have an extra pair ^^. I'm still in the process of getting used to it.

A more important announcement:


Finally, after so many years. My dream... to finish this game.. fulfilled. Ahhh.... the ending is so nice^^. I've played this for almost three years liow.. cuz I stopped in between. I still remember, there was once I played on my cousin's playstation... and somehow the save file got corrupted. I was at the end of disc 2 I think!

Anyways, I'm so happy I've finished it. HHmm.. looking back, I seemed to have achieved many things I wanted to achieve.. although not really very important stuff like studies, or work, or winning the lottery, but nevertheless.... things I've wanted to do for so long..

Ehem. Erm.. what else, oohh, school's started. Now, I'm getting excited about studying again. ^^.
Lots of stuff to do, as always, but quite fun.. lor... somehow.. that's what I feel. I'm gonna graduate soon... hhmm... scary thought.

Aiks. I've forgotten what else I wanted to write here. Ohh yea... remembered. But I'll leave it for next time. I'm beginning to feel sleepy. Oh yea, I just realised that I've failed to put up the link to Adelle and Wai Loon's blog last time.

Lastly, I'm preparing to start Final Fantasy VII. heheh.. I've just finished setting up the emulator settings. It's always nice to have something to look forward to at the end of a tiring day. I find that it makes me work harder.


Trip to London

Hello People! It's been a while since the last update. Anyways, this entry is mainly about my trip to London last Sunday, about a week ago^^

The last week has been extremely busy for me (even now, I am still deciding which module to take... hhmm). Anyways, moving on, a few of my friends decided (at the last minute) to go to London to see the parade and Chinese New Year celebration there. Usually, Sheffield is quite quiet around this time.. so, no festive..atmosphere.

We took the 1.45 a.m. bus and reached there at about 6.40. I spent half of the trip there feeling miserable, due to the bumpy ride and the cup of coffee I drank T__T.

Anyways, once we reached there, we traveled about London so as to make the most out of our time. Errr... I've updated many pictures, so I guess I shall just describe the pictures. Oh, I realised that.. tower bridge is aptly named.. cuz it's near the tower of London.. lol.. Now only I realised. No pictures of the Tower of London.. too dark, and..well.. nothing much from the outside.

Tower bridge! Finally! I've been there! After so long! The sun was just about to come up when we were there.
Look! It's me! Proof of me there! Not photoshop-ed! Darn.. this is so lame. Accidently updated this picture..
The egg building.
Another view of the bridge
Picture taken with the dusk/dawn function...
We were so lucky to be there on time! What a beautiful sunrise! I can't remember the last time I've seen such a beautiful sunrise..
The sun in all it's glory... wow.. so darn nice man! Click on the picture to get a better view.. It's just like a painting!
Yea! Posing!
St. Patricks' cathedral..

Oh Yea! To Hogwarts my dear friends!
Some strange person walking around posing on the millenium bridge
woo nice view of the bridge supports
In this picture, I wanted to capture the sunlight on the branches. Failed.
I"ve finally been to the Museum of Natural History! Although I've spent only 10 minutes there(was rushing to see the parade...), it was a great experience! Finally.. my childhood dream... sobsob...

Well, we all rushed back to meet up at Charing Cross station.. but.. no one made it there.. So in the end, only me and James were there. Yein Shiang was somewhere nearby buy she couldn't find us. Yvonne missed her bus, missing the next connecting train. Tad Song was late. Claire's train was delayed, missing her next connecting train. Edwin wasn't there yet. Sigh.
Anyways, the parade and performances were all dissapointing. Wasted go all the way there.

In Trafalgar square.
Lion dance
In the end, we all had the oh-so-famous Braised duck for dinner. Somehow, it wasn't as good as my first experience. Maybe I was too tired and hungry to fully savour the dish.. but..... just not Geng enuff, considering it's fame.
We got home at 12. Anyway's that's it for the London trip. I'll write the rest of the stuff in a new entry. Ja ne!

Just another day

Saturday, 9 February 2008

This is such a day. I woke up feeling spirited to finish off my ff8.. but then...

Lost my mood.

And then the whole day I feel dizzy.. don't know what's wrong.. and I feel so moodless to do ANYTHING. DARN.

WTH right... Sigh.....

CNY celebration in Sheffield City Hall

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Last Monday, I attended a CNY celebration thingie in the City Hall. My housemate invited us to go, and at the last minute he was informed that he has to perform T__T. So, I gave the extra ticket to Su Ann. Noisy, noisy Su Ann.

Anyways, moving on, the performances were quite good. For the first time, I saw the Traditional "Face-Changing". .. err the guy changes his mask very quickly. Without using his hands. GENGZ LEHHH.. Unfortunately, i was seated too far away so I can't record it. Other performances include some singing (wahh too high pitch man..) err.. only one musical instrument performance ( =(.. i was expecting more) and a few acrobatics which are so damn cool cuz the little girl and twist and turn her body so much.. wahhh... damn flexible.

Ohhh there were also little children performing.. and one of them is so cute! A little girl of no more than 6 years old I think.. she was struggling to keep up with the rest of the troupe... since her legs are so short, she had to run around quickly.. hahah very cute!

Cough cough.. ehem.. moving on.. ahhh another thing nice is that there were quite a number of pretty gals around.. wahhahahah! Aih.. I feel like a pervert, writing this here.

Cough^5. Erm.. Ohhh before it's too late...


It must be fun in Malaysia.. lots of firecrackers, cookies, and delicious mouth-watering meals =D

I wanted to put some.. chinese new year wishes but if I translate it to english it will sound weird.

Somehow, I prefer the term Chinese New Year over Lunar New Year or whatever... hahah!

The Hall.

It's Wang Ang!

blury pictures =(

Anyways, thus ends this post. Erm.. The last post is just an update on my life.. and ranting about how Imba Omega Weapon is.. hahah!

Signing off,

Long overdue update

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Hello people.. I know.. this update is way overdue. Well.. I was busy.. entertaining myself. A few days of life without worries and concern is a sure panacea for the tired mind and exhausted spirit.

There are, fortunately, a few events to blog about so the posts won't be that boring. I shall split them into a few posts; past experience with blogspot has taught me not to try to post too many pictures in one post, for a simple error could render all my efforts wasted.

Alright, I shall not be so draggy and go straight to the point. First thing first, snow!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, there was a heavy snowfall on.. Saturday I think. Well it was quite fortunate for me because I went to Yee Huai's place to get my Final Fantasy VIII cd (yes I was at the end of disc three when I remembered that the rest of the discs are with her). When I went there, the sky was clear. At here place, I tarried a while, and soon it started snowing heavily. When I left her place, I think there was already 2-3 inches of snow. I tried taking a few pictures, but unfortunately, I suck at taking photos at night with camera phone. My camera battery just died, and I was in the process of charging new ones.

So, please don't blame me for the poor picture quality. My neighbours threw a few snowball at my windown in an attempt to goad me into a snowfight, but I was too tired and the rest of my housemates seemed uninterested so I just ignored them ^^.

Well, I should have woke up early to take more pictures when there's sunlight. It's a very nice feeling, waking up to find the whole city covered in white. It's like a magical transformation. Besides, since the snow melts rather quickly and it seldom snows here, the whole experience is very exciting (at least to me.. ^^)

Well, I guess you've had enough of the stories, so here are the photos:

The other posts will come later, so please bear with me =)

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