Sunday, 4 January 2009

Hmm again, somethings keep running in my mind over and over. Shall talk about that later cuz i wanna finish this post quickly before getting my fish and chips from the oven.

So pictures, from the post Christmas party at Hariz's place:
A number of us went up to Sheffield (our UK hometown!) to meet up and celebrate a bit. It was really fun cooking together, with many ppl in the kitchen and lots of laughter lol!

Me, hariz, and James cooked the mashed potato and turkey, Hong Wid did the baked pasta. There were also pizzas, Yorkshire pudding.

Playing the words game on facebook lol
Hariz and his birthday present lol

Everyone digging in
Moar games

The turkey!

We tried a different recipet so the turkey skin and gravy was sweet and sour lol!

Other than that, we spent our days sleeping, eating, and gaming lol! We played all sorts of games... warcraft, dota, mini games, Counterstrike, HALF-LIFE!, and even Risk lol

It was good fun, especially half life hahahha

Anyways, gotta go now.

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