good bye laptop!

Friday, 19 March 2010

Tonight, I shall bid my good ol' trusty Toshiba laptop goodbye. This is the last post from my laptop!

I'm going to return it to my dad. After using for 4 1/2 years.. it's time to say good bye lol!

Did my final year project on it...

Cursed it for being so slow for the past 2-3 years.

Played so much Dota on it.. completed FF8 on it... Almost finished FF7 (LOL) on it...

It's time to move on.



Friday, 5 March 2010

Hmm today, I organised a dinner for my work friends I'm closer with. The usual a dinner. Again, I feel indebted/ bad for like... not "taking care" of everyone.. but what can I do right, so many people and they all don't really know each other.. fortunately they have their own little groups so it's not so bad. Then after dinner, I wanted to go have some drinks with Jessie, Logan and Rachel but... FORGOT MY ID. As a result we all just went home early without.. getting any drinks at all.

Aih.. I should have just gone home earlier with the rest, then I wouldn't have spoilt their night. Anyways, nuff of moaning, I've not blogged for ages. Still waiting for my bloody kettle plug, i'm gonna buy it somehow tomorrow, somewhere SOMEHOW! Gotta go town early to get it.

Yes.... gotta do that.. then tmrw night, gotta go out with Jess and the lot and make up for tonight.
Sunday is another..... working day... ahhaha not litereally working but... well stuff i'll need to do.

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