Random camera pictures

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Helllo people! more random old pictures from my phone!

Sukh Posing
Frozen lake
Rachela nd Sukh
Big foot. LOL

Huh? Have i Post this before?

Random phone pictures

Saturday, 23 May 2009

More random pictures from the past

Sun rise

Dawn breaking

Heavy snow

Little frozen pond in front of my room

Random pictures #9

Monday, 18 May 2009

Hello People!

Pictures from my phone as promised!

My desk!

Sunset.. I belive you find beautiful sunset/sunrise/afternoon sun (wtf) here during winter times because of the angle of the sun to the atmosphere.. feels like.. hmm... the sunlight in the battle of Peleanor fields in LOTR.

I took many pictures from my desk of beautiful sky/cloud.. but it all turned out like crap. I realised I pose a lot when I take pictures, for example here lol

Yein Shiang er... praying!? lol taken during trip to Wales
Beautiful clouds! One thing rare here!
Tried to capture the innumerable dandelion spores drifting but I failed... I only had my handphone then... I was walking back from my grocery shopping trip. That was when I really felt the summer-time er... feel... er.. .atmosphere... ugh.

More pictures next time!


Sunday, 17 May 2009

Hello all! I'm back again!

I know it's been a very long time, again, as usualy... well, my excuse was I had a very busy couple of weeks.. with work. Nevertheless, here are some random pictures from my camera.. oh oh! I finally got my computer to detect my handphone! So I got more new pictures to come!

Ice cream with waffle and fruits! YUMMY!

Flowers with thorns... these trees grow flowers first then only leaves. Strange O.o
Lonely dog.. did I ... post this before!?

Oh I went to Edwin's place for bbq!
Whoa so much smoke
Edwin with Yvonne's lalat eye shades
A mashmallow accidently fell into the coals.. look how it burns! It's like blody flowing lava!!
I like this! Flowers and light in the living room!

Lastly, a picture of a mail accidently sent to Malaysia! The reason is because I wrote my UK address but put country of origin Malaysia.. and they were kind enough to send it half way around the world!

They could have easily binned it.... my thanks to whatever mail company that handled this!

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