Welsh Trip

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Hello all! I'm sure some of you have waited for my pictures from the trip to Wales. Anyway, here they are!

I've selected some of the best pictures, leaving out all the random and crazy posing we did (which was in a way most of the fun we had in the trip lol) because it's such a pain to upload them here. Even uploading in facebook is a pain so you probably won't see them there for a long time.
This is like... 30 pics out of my 600 plus pictures LOL
First of all, a picture of me with Stonehenge behind me. This will probably be the only picture of me hahaha! Anyways, if you're into those mystic/celtic/ancient archeology stuff, stonehenge will be pretty interesting to you.... other wise it's just a pile of rocks. T_T. THe cold and wet weather we experienced really didn't help make it feel special.

Next stop, Bath! We stopped there for lunch.. and it is quite a beautiful place. All the buildings are constructed of the same rock, and thus they all look the same, colourwise. Well, many of the buildings looked the same too.
Nice err... don't know what to call it. If you zoom into the picture you can see birds bathing there. Which reminds me, 3 of my postcards are with Yvonne. And I owe her 60 pence.

Random shot
Bath.. central?

The girls in one of their many random poses
This is a cool one.. but i couldn't really capture it. It's because the buildings all form a circle around the trees. It's really nice to be there in person.
After tarrying a while, we rushed to this beach called Roshilli to watch the sun set. Man, we drove quite fast in those small road and it's so nice! I would like to do it someday. I should have taken a video of it.
More picture taking
Nice? It is really picturesqe.. a shame i didn't have enough time to take nice shots before the sun went down.. there's a nice house right next to the beach... with sheeps gazing.. wahhh damn beautiful man!
Next day.. we went to.... a few places. Manobier, Tenby, Pembroke, and a another beach.
This is Tenby. There are very nice hotel/flats overlooking the bay.. and it's so nice! Right next to the sea.. you can watch the sea and listen to the sound of waves.. kind of like what you find in Penang but this is the Atlantic sea!
Taken in Manobier. I quite like this picture somehow
There are these rocks that seemd to have been carven by the sea. Nice shape don't you think? it's.. irregular yet,..... the same shapes.... scars.. ugh.. I don't know how to put it in words and I'm too lazy to think now. Anyways, quite a nice beach and again lots of crazy posing/picture taking here.
And then, we had late tea for lunch... Yvonne was pretty intent on becoming English... Lol!
Yeah posing! Oh, one thing I found was that the people here are very very hospitable (err is it the right usage of word?) Their service is superb I have to say. On our first night, we had some Seafood (and ostrich meat! My first time trying ostrich meat! and also Welsh Lamb!) and their service was very good. Very helpful waiters. And in this Tea house (I guess you can call it so) the owner was kind enough to provide us an extra pot of tea when he found out that he forgot my order.. and told us some of the good places to visit. In these cases, I will want to give them tip.. not out of obligation, but as a note of thanks.

Anyways, moving on, Can't remmeber this beach's name.. but damn it's beautiful!
May Yen amongst flowers
We did some hiking... I think a few hours maybe?
Right.. posing wtf
And we did a lot of picture taking at this place. Ahh damn just remembered I have a few nice pictures.. but aih so troublesome to post them up so stuff that. Anyways, why the posing and photoshooting here?

GENGZ LEH! See the small dots on top of the cliff. That's us. Taking pictures!!!!

Nice different coloured rocks. I'd like to imagine that it's layers of sendiment from bygone age. FROM BEFORE THE DINOSOURS!!!! But perhaps not. Maybe it's just normal erosion.. but still so beautiful right!?
We went back to Tenby to have dinner.. and couldn't get a place in a damn cool restaurant lol. So we had an.. average meal.
Last day, we went to... gah don't remember name. I gotta ask Eric again. Anyways, I like this small crossing.
We climbed this sandy and steep hill to get up there.
But I couldnt' get any nice shots T____T
Wooo window to another world
Took some rest...
And it's already time to go home =)

Anyways, to sum up the trip it was a very enjoyable trip. After a few weekends of not socialising it was such a big change for me (especially with May Yen chatting about gaily most of the time). And I want to do it again!!! It's so nice to mix with Malaysians ahahhahaahah!!!!

Ok.. that's about it other bits about my life, I had a bbq lunch/dinner at my friend's place today, which was again, great! Honestly, after living here for a few years, you understand why the Ang Moh's like to sunbath so much.. clear blue skies and sunny days are so hard to come by! Anyways, it was nice to chat with people from different countries and not just the good ol boring stuff.

Next weekend's gonna be another friend's birthday party... and that's going to have a totally different theme I am sure.

What else.. oh yea, I just received news today that have freed some 10 days of my holidays which I can use this year! Wuuhuu!!!!That's fantastic news..... I can plan an Europe trip if I want!
I also want to try rock climbing.. and if I can find a few people who are interested, tandem skydiving!!!!! Damn that will be good. Dammit, even paint ballling.. I need to do that. Ahhh Spring and Summer.. it brings me so much joy! It's finally warm enough for outdoor activiites!!!!! Ahhhhh I like these two seasons... hahahah!!

Lastly, to my dear readers, would you be so kind as to leave some comments/shoutouts? Otherwise it gets tad boring and quiet here... and I need some motivation to post nice pictures. I'm sure you guys want that as well right? LOL Sounds like pleading for attention.. but well, otherwise it's gonna turn into a monologue instead of a blog. LOL.

Ok, time to go to sleep. Time to get back to my working semangat. I just remembered something.. ohh fuck... my supervisor's not in this week. Gah. Sigh. Nevermind.

YEOSH!!!!!! Work hard! Play hard!

My Birthday celebration + St Patrick's Day

Monday, 13 April 2009

Hello all!

Whilst my holiday lasts, I shall post more pictures while I can ^^

These are pictures from my.. belated joint birthday celebration with Yvonne hahaha! Anyways, a number of us gathered in London to have a meal in a posh restaurant (because there was a very good deal on... and we all had cheapest stuff.. hahahah!) and then went to Karaoke after that! The next day was St Patrick's day so I was there snapping a few pictures before heading back to Reading.

Anyways, this is a very late post so enjoy moar pics!

Nice restaurant decor?

Yvonne and Edwin
Hong Wid aka Kaven
Yvonne and and Michelle
A light bulb

I quite like the decor in the restaurant... gives it a very modern feel. And quite artistic too!

WEI ping, Hong Wid, Chloe, and Su Khok

All busy fiddling with handphones

FOOD! I think it's quite good lar...not to say like super fantastic but it's delicious!
May Yen, Yein Shiang, Yvonne, Michelle.. okkok I think I have introduced everyone!
Karaoke session!!! We were joined by more guys... guys from Chem Eng... Let me try to remember.. ahh well screw that nvm just enjoy the picturs!
Choosing songs

It wasn't that bad.. although some songs came with a blank background and just words T___T. They even had english songs suprisingly!

And so, we croacked all night long hahaha and the gals even did some dancing T___T. What Yvonne said is quite true.. we ought to let go of ourselves and enjoy! What's the use of being so uptight and trying to jaga the good image... IT"S LIFE!!!!
More group singing. No one actually got to sing properly I think, cus everyone just joined in and sang along loudly hahahah!

The next day, James and I tried to check out the St Patrick's day parade.. but just missed it.. we only managed to run/walk along these two... err.... ugh.. what do you call them.

Girls doing the riverdance... and what is Obama's face doing there!?
There were some celtic music performance too....celtic/irish?
So many ppl are there
I like this pic!
Giant leprechauns who ate Mario's mushrooms
Asam laksa!

Michelle, Yong Kah, James and I had a long chat in the restaurant.. talking crap as usual.. but it's still good fun nevertheless. Yeap, one must go out and enjoy life! Everyday work so hard... so boring man. I feels so good to spend my *hard earned* money. HAHAHAH

I see people who work so much harder than me... not really enjoying life much.. just work work, so diligently.. and i also see people who enjoy life whenever they can.. just work to get by life..

And I think to myself. I shouldnt' allow others to dictate my life's pace right? Now, I just want to goddam enjoy man. Otherwise life is so not worth it. Don't you agree?

ANYWAYS. I already feel a bit old at 22. Serious. OMG... past 21 d.. Past my youth! I'm an adult! OMG... I no longer feel like I can live forever. I think everyone will feel like this at a certain point of their lives. But oh.. 22 d still have no great achievement. Nevermind. Time to re-think my life's plan.

At the same time, I wanna round around screaming and trying everything I can try while I can. =)

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