Sunday, 30 November 2008

After all the trouble of uploading these photos, I've lost my mood to.. share my thoughts on a certain subject. Nevertheless, some pictures finally!

It was a suprise birthday party for Yong Kah, at Thai Corner in London.

Eng Ee looking adoringly at Yvonne... muahahhaha!

Everyone busy chatting. The table was too long so we were kinda reduced to chatting to the ppl sitting around us.
Paying close attention to other people babbling
I couldn't capture the movement because there was too little light, despite putting ISO 400 (well.. I wanted to use a low apperture as well... ahh greedy me)
Birthday boy posing for camera haha! Before i took this picture I told Michelle to act natural but somehow Yong Kah noticed my camera at the last moment lol

Finally! A picture of me!
Another.. i look pretty tired, but so was everyone because we came straight from work..
Yvonne and Edwin

The food was... so so lar, and definitely not worth how much we paid for it. After the meal we went to the club below the restaurant. There were at least 4-5 bouncers, and they searched our body for weapons as well as scan our identity cards before allowing us in. I was expecting some sort of huge underground dancefloor with a rave party going on behind those huge door.. but.... ai the people didn't really start dancing till quite late. Further, with the exception of Michelle, Yvonne and Edwin, the rest weren't too eager to dance... lol

Oh, a few of us spent the night at Michelle's place and I met up with Yein Shiang the next day. I woke up so late that it got dark soon after T___T

Don't know what she's doing here but,

I think she was talking to me when I ignored her and took this picture. hahah!

Anyways, I think I really have to limit my spending.... gah which reminded me that I haven't bought my train tickets! GAH! I've got all my weekends planned ahead of me until.. perhaps one in January, before i go back to malaysia.. oh no, I need that to do shopping. Oh crap....


Anyways, I think I slept too much that I'm actually slightly eager to go back to work tomorrow.
It seems that whenever I sit in front of my laptop, I waste most of my time so easily. From today onwards, I shall refrain sitting in front of my laptop unless I have something I really need to do.



Thursday, 20 November 2008

In order keep the readership high, I've decided to post his extremely boring post about basically nothing.

It's not like I don't have much to talk about (after talking so much just moments ago with Yvonne), but... I just can't find the energy to write it all out again, especially in "proper" English, not Manglish.

Here's a link for you to read if you're interested: Click HERE

Other than that,well, work is pretty fulfiling. Yeap yeap boring stuff. Sometimes I wonder who the loyal readers are; I know of a few as they often leave comments, but are there any silent readers out there?

Oh, I just remembered that I have to send out emails to a couple of ppl about Christmast plans... or rather, potential Christmas reunion with the possibility of eating a huge turkey again.

Another random thought: The lack of pictures must bore a number of you guys, but it is really hard to find the opportunity to take photographs. Firstly, I can only travel on weekends, and even that, I don't always do. Secondly, it gets dark by 4.30 nowadays.

Yet another random thought: I won't be taking any great photos during the christmas company dinenr cuz my camera is too bulky. I want to have a great time and swinging my camera around my hips when I'm dancing/eating/getting drunk/doing crazy stuff with my colleagues/ in a formal dinner is not exactly my idea of fun.

Ok, that's enough random thoughts of the day. Another interesting but useless info: Apparently the punching bag in the gym is actually filled with small pieces of cloth. That explains the light weight and the softness (hence it's so hard to condition my shins)

That's all.


Tuesday, 18 November 2008

I wanted to post something about the ImechE event I attended yesterday and more thoughts, but I kinda lost the feeling to blog about that kind of serious stuff now. So, instead, please enjoy the first video I ever posted on my blog, Can we kiss?:

My thoughts

Saturday, 15 November 2008

There isn't much to blog about these days, no pictures, so I shall share some of my thoughts today. I'm not in the mood to write properly so it might sound very boring, be warned.

Lately I've been thinking quite a bit about my relationship with friends. I found myself often giving advices to friends and people I know .. you know, those typical advice like, calm down, don't get angry before you find out the thruth and don't wrongly accuse people, work hard, study hard, you will regret it later, don't waste too much time doing unproductive stuff etc; all the advice that makes me sound like a cranky old man.

I know that I myself am not perfect, and still do all those stuff I spoke of. However, I welcome advice from others. Although I might felt aggrieved or slighted by unexpected comments, when I calm down I tend to think carefully about what they said and try to follow the advice, most of the time. (actually that brings me to another topic... always thinking about other ppls' advice hence lack of confidence but i shall leave it for next time)

So anyways, I kept asking myself.. is that the right thing to do?

On one point of view, they are your friends and they would definitely love you to accept them as what they are. Usually, ppl who share common characteristics find it easier to get close to each other. What I do might be pushing ppl away. I know the feeling of getting like 20 advice everytime i talk to someone.... it kind of kills the conversation. Further, not everyone can truly comprehend the advice. If you've experienced the consequences you will understand the advice. Otherwise.. it's just... so.... hard......

On another hand, occasionally I do feel very strongly and feel that I have to speak out. Although I do try to keep in mind that everyone are different and have different way of thinking, some actions or intents are so against what I think is right I can't help but to say something. Worst, I give lots of advice to my friends for their sake.. just like what parents do XD. It's not good to do that.. it's good for you if you do this..... But it's all out of wanting the best for them.

Why am I acting this way!?


Any thoughts on this?

London trip and more

Monday, 10 November 2008

The reason I post this up is mainly because I was waiting for the washing machine door to unlock itself. A piece of... err.. string/rope got stuck betwee the door and consequently water leaked out. Fortunately, my housemate switched it off for me.

Anyways, moving on. Halloween! is past. I didn't really do much then... Nonetheless, I snapped this picture:
Cute right? I wonder what's the significance.

Also, it snowed! In October! And in Reading! That was really unexpected. The last time it snowed in October in London (area) was more than fifty years ago! The weather is indeed unpredictable. Perhaps I should say mother nature.

I expected it to snow maybe only once in March since it's warmer in the South of UK.

Anyways, moving on, I went to London last Saturday to collect my flight tickets; which brings me to another topic: I've confirmed my plans to go back to Malaysia for Chinese New Year! So, anyone who wants to meet up with me please drop me a message so that I can try to arrange something. My schedule seems to be pretty packed since I will only be back for a short period of time.

Ok, where was I, London! On that day, there's also this London Mayor's parade (thanks Yvonne for finding this out!). No idea what it's about, but that doesn't matter anyways lol! There's supposed to be the biggest fireworks display of the year (well, after the New Year's fireworks display) so I thought it would be a great chance to try out my photography skills.

Anyways, here are some photos of the parade:

Guess who I met there:
Santa Clauses! Standing miserably in the drizzle munching cold sandwiches, they are quite a sight to behold.

I also bumped into........

Superman! A timely snap captured him in action before he flew off.

Yvonne with some Roman soldiers

Me and 2 ladies from late 19th century?
The Mayor's carriage
That's the ... royal.. something... court. Looked like a cathedral to me
Yeah ex-housemates FTW!
Our photogenic Yvonne is quite in love with my camera =D
err.... nvm. lol
Right.. from this point onwards the photographs are kinda messed up and I'm too lazy to susun them. Basically, after i took those photos, it started raining very heavily; probably the heaviest rain in the year. I was bloody soaked wet. We finally met up with Michelle and the others... okok Yong Kah, Chee Yong, Yong Boon (forgive me if I spelt your names wrongly) and Eng Ee for steamboat! (well not before Yvonne bought her REAL LEATHER boots) lol!

We took our own sweet time savouring the food untill we missed the fireworks =(. (I think we ate for about 2 hours or so) It was expensive but it was kind of our lunch and dinner so it wasn't that bad. It was also the first time I had lobsters! Wahhh damn sweet man the meat!

This photograph is kind of out of place. View from my window
Group photo before we all went home. Michelle seemed displeased in this picture.. I wonder why lol
Michelle busy snapping away

And after that, we went Karaoke! After so long, i finally had the chance to sing my heart out (some alcochol helped me do that). The placed looked really dodgy from outside though.... it's like some underground gambling den T___T but it's allright inside. Ahhh I gotta train my vocals!

All told, I didn't had any chance to really try out my photography skills. I did some experimenting but nothing fantastic came out of it. Nevermind, there's always next time. Oh, it's about time I restart the washing machine and go to bed. I can afford to sleep late tonight because I'm attending the internal training course tomorrow which starts only at 9.

I shall end this post with the strange, out-of-place picture of Robin trapped in a telephone booth to escape the rain.


Think think

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

I'm contemplating putting a password for access to my blog.
Sometimes, it's just not safe talking about everything.
Oh! I can create another blog with password haha!

Hmm. People....... What can you do about them? Sigh.

I'm back!

Monday, 3 November 2008

gah! Finally! Internet! But yet, still as shitty as before. Sigh. Now I feel unsafe making online transactions.....


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