Happy New Year!

Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Roughly this time last year, I was frantically trying to finish my new year resolution post because many other bloggers are doing the same. It seems that sadly, this year I am probably the only one. Seems like we are pretty much influence by the behaviour of the people around us, I myself am not very motivated to write all these. Nevertheless, i find that it's a good thing, to set your goals and to reflect upon what you have achieved in a year.

First of all, the most obvious thing in 2008, I turned 21! It's such a magical number, some see it as stepping into adulthood, to me, it's also one of my favorite number! The way I see it, it's the changing point (pardon my lack of eloquence, somehow I just can't think of the words I wanted to use) of my life; moving from on phase to another. Looking back a few weeks ago, I realised that I have achieved all that I set out to do last year, helped by the somewhat easy to achieve targets I set. Nevertheless, it was what I really wanted to do and that's good enough for me. Here's the list of some of the major stuff I achieved:

1) Turn 21
2) Graduate with First Class!
3) Got a good job!
4) Traveled around Europe!
5) Finished FF VIII

Other minor stuff
i) Stayed in the UK the whole year!
ii) Experienced Summer in UK!
iii) Parted with so many friends from Sheffield
iv) Gaming "therapy" in Sheffield during Christmas
v) Bummed around for a month or so !
vi) Live in Reading lol
vii) Reached end of disc 2 of FF VII!
viii) Realise that I am not sociable and confident enough
ix) Live a more balanced life, exercise and dietary wise
x) Experienced being a Publicity officer

There are of course, some negative stuff as well:
i) Failed to prevent my friend from trying to do something foolish

Already I'm starting to feel old at 21, not having achieved anything remarkable. Nonetheless, time passed by. Thus, i shall make new goals/resolutions for the new year! What I did not achieve I shall put myself to it!

Hence, I proudly present to you my 2009 New Year Resolutions!

1) Live life to the fullest! (Which includes trying my best to achieve all the other resolutions and not wasting time feeling down and being lazy)

2) Be more sociable and confident!

3) Perform exceedingly well in my job

3) Don't be too materialistic

4) Get 8 packs and a well defined muscular body

5) Finish FF VII

Last but not least,

5) Experience true love! Walalal!
Get Laid.
Master singing skills.
Defeat someone in a real fight with martial arts

Treasure friends and family more =)


Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Dear readers,

Due to a number of reasons, I have decided to set up a password for this blog in the near future. If you intend to continue reading please send an email to leejunxue@yahoo.com and I shall inform you of the password after you sent me a cheque for 20 quid, no make it 300

Jun Xue

Lincoln trip and lots of other random stuff

Well guys, this is turning out to be a pretty depressing christmas. Here I am, all alone in a house for 8 on Christmas Eve with nothing nice on TV and no one to chat to online T__T

I tried uploading some christmas tree pics from my handphone but for some reasons my laptop is refusing to detect my handphone.

Usually, despite the cold and gloomy weather, Christmas has always managed to lift my spirits when I'm in the UK although it is clearly not happening this year. Not even the cheerful christmas songs I put on help. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm....

Well, it wasn't all doom and gloom. I saw a half hour Shrek Christmas special just now and it made me laugh a bit lol. And oh! Three little girls knocked on my door and sang a christmas song. As usual, i don't know how to react to the situation so I just thanked them lol! I thought about giving them something, but wasn't that supposed to be Halloween?

Anyways, let's talk about my Lincoln trip.

As some of you might be aware of, I went to Lincoln to visit my dear cousins Jasmine and Joanne.

Streets of Lincoln. looks very nice doesn't it? very.. rustic.
Poor picture I know, I was experimenting with the manual dial mode and I didn't want to snap tooooo many pictures of them again and again till I get it right. Alan and Jasmine
(Deep?) Fried Potato skin
The starters was very promising, perhaps way too good that the main course couldnt compare.
Lincolnshire Sausages!
In action
The's this road called steep hill which, like it's name suggests, is very steep. This was just the beginning of the slope. I think it's about 40 degrees, maybe more.
Posing for the camera man lol
Sea gulls!

Reach out

Notice the skating ring outside the shopping mall
Joanne in front of the Cathedral. To be honest, I didn't know it's a city until I saw the Cathedral. And, it was so freezing cold and windy that day that we decided to just stay at home and chill out
Ko lo yok! Jasmine the chef prepared this
And the next day... laksa!

Indeed, lots of good food.

Anyways, I am too lazy to put this on a seperate post. I am still considering going London to experience first hand the infamous boxing day sales craze. However, there are very few trains running in between that day and that kinda limits my time in London. If I still feel kinda ... sien tomorrow I might just go.

Oh, I'm going to Sheffield on the 27th to meet up with friends so that's something I'm truly looking forward to (more like the gaming part... my desire to Dota and Warcraft was ignited after watchign a few games my Malaysian colleagues played.... )

There are other random stuff to talk about but.. it's too random. HAHAHAHA I'm even feeling lazy to write now... hopefulyl there's something nice on TV later tonight or I shall watch Ironman and go to bed early. Tomorrow I shall endevaour to complete FF7! Then, I can continue to FF9! Then FF10! Hopefully by then the bloody PS2 will not screw up and still work properly... or PS3 actually has backward compatibility that'll be great as well.

Aaanyways, I found out something! Paratha, which can be found readily in most shops, is the closest thing to roti canai you can get here! And it's pretty nice too! It's like those frozen roti canais back in Malaysia... wuuhuuu!!!!!!!

I shall post a picture of it in the future lol.

Right, that's all folks


Monday, 8 December 2008

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Yes that's what I see when chinese characters are displayed...T___T


i) I'm gradually gaining the eight muscle in my abdomen!

ii) Occassionally I will scratch the back of my head when I feel slightly embarrassed.

iii) I like to sing but I have no talent

iv) I sometimes touch my chin as though I have a long beard when I'm thinking (habit from Primary School lol)

v) I only managed to do a full front split once in my life =)

vi) I enjoy looking at the sky

ppl I tag are: Ee Von, Su Lyn, Joanne, Adelle, Wai Tuck, Michelle Khaw

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